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"A Theocracy! Are You Nuts!?"

Theocracy, according to Webster's 1847 edition, is "Government of a state by the immediate direction of God; or the state thus governed. Of this species the Israelites furnish an illustrious example. The theocracy lasted till the time of Saul."

You can say all the ugly stuff you want about the Inquisitions, Netanyahu, Peres, the Iatolahs, Crusades, Pat Robertson, or Saul. You will get no argument, because none of them in any way represent a theocracy. No matter what you call their leadership, it was or is or would be a form of tyranny.

For those of you who read the Bible, you know that ancient Israel had judges, and God's commands were to the people. Samuel was the judge in his old age when the people started to whine that they wanted a king, like other nations! They were not entirely stupid; Samuel's sons were not judge material. They "turned away after lucre, and took bribes, and perverted judgment."

Sam tried to warn the people what would happen if they got their dumb old king! God told Samuel to give them what they wanted, but to warn them first. So Sam warned them. He told them what a king would do.

*He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself.

*He will appoint captains, and make them till his ground, and reap his harvest; and he will make them make him war things and weapons.

*He will take your daughters to be his cooks and bakers.

*He will take your fields and vineyards, and give them to the best of his servants.

*He will take a tenth of everything for himself, to give to his officers and servants.

*He will take your employees and tools, your transportation and your food.

Guess what, people?


Samuel also warned them that God would not listen to their whining after that. He said, "And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen for yourselves; and the Lord will not listen."

Sound familiar?

The people whined, "No, but we will have a king over us. . ."

Sound familiar? Oh, I know. We don't really want a king, but as a people, listen to why they wanted one, and listen to the whines today for a "bigger government" . . . or a "smaller government, but one that will add this to what they do" . . . or "a different big government."

Listen carefully! Here is what the people cried:

We want somebody to rule us! We want somebody to lead us! We want somebody to fight for us! Give us somebody who will! We don't want the responsibility.

"And the Lord said to Samuel, 'Harken to their voice, and make them a king."

You know what Sam told the people? The sheep? Here is how easy it was to control them. After God said, "Give them a King," Samuel just told them,

"Go home."

They were not too enthusiastic about a theocracy either.

*You like that story? Read it for yourselves. It is in I Samuel, chapter
8, in your Bible.

Dave Delany

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