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Although there are still many patriots in the movement who are 
still clinging to the U.S. CONstitution, a growing number of
us have finally figured out the deception involved in that
document. We have become aware that Patrick Henry wouldn't
sign that document. And we have become all too well aware of
the reasons why.


Lexrex.com at http://www.lexrex.com/ is an interesting website that
is worth visiting. They have Federalist and Anti-Federalist
information on the site that can help educate the constitutional
tyrants amongst us. Please visit this site. From Lexrex.com we bring
you this speech by Patrick Henry against ratification of the 
CONstitution for the united States of America.

Shall Liberty or Empire be Sought?

Patrick Henry, 1788

[From a speech made on June 5, 1788, in the Virginia Convention, 
called to ratify the Constitution of the United States.]

THIS, sir, is the language of democracy—that a majority of the 
community have a right to alter government when found to be 
oppressive. But how different is the genius of your new Constitution 
from this! How different from the sentiments of freemen that a 
contemptible minority can prevent the good of the majority! If, then,
gentlemen standing on this ground are come to that point, that they 
are willing to bind themselves and their posterity to be oppressed,
I am amazed and inexpressibly astonished. If this be the opinion of 
the majority, I must submit; but to me, sir, it appears perilous and 
destructive. I can not help thinking so. Perhaps it may be the result
of my age. These may be feelings natural to a man of my years, when 
the American spirit has left him, and his mental powers, like the 
members of the body, are decayed. If, sir, amendments are left to the
twentieth, or tenth part of the people of America, your liberty is 
gone for ever.

We have heard that there is a great deal of bribery practised in the 
House of Commons of England, and that many of the members raise 
themselves to preferments by selling the rights of the whole of the 
people. But, sir, the tenth part of that body can not continue 
oppressions on the rest of the people. English liberty is, in this 
case, on a firmer foundation than American liberty. It will be easily
contrived to procure the opposition of the one-tenth of the people to
any alteration, however judicious. The honorable gentleman who 
presides told us that, to prevent abuses in our government, we will 
assemble in convention, recall our delegated powers, and punish our 
servants for abusing the trust reposed in them. Oh, sir! we should 
have fine times, indeed, if, to punish tyrants, it were only 
sufficient to assemble the people! Your arms, wherewith you could 
defend yourselves, are gone; and you have no longer an aristocratical,
no longer a democratical spirit. Did you ever read of any revolution 
in a nation, brought about by the punishment of those in power, 
inflicted by those who had no power at all? You read of a riot act 
in a country which is called one of the freest in the world, where a
few neighbors can not assemble without the risk of being shot by a 
hired soldiery, the engines of despotism. We may see such an act in 

A standing army we shall have, also, to execute the execrable commands
of tyranny; and how are you to punish them? Will you order them to be
punished? Who shall obey these orders? Will your mace-bearer be a 
match for a disciplined regiment? In what situation are we to be?
The clause before you gives a power of direct taxation, unbounded 
and unlimited—an exclusive power of legislation, in all cases 
whatsoever, for ten miles square, and over all places purchased for 
the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, etc. What 
resistance could be made? The attempt would be madness. You will 
find all the strength of this country in the hands of your enemies; 
their garrisons will naturally be the strongest places in the 
country. Your militia is given up to Congress, also, in another part 
of this plan; they will therefore act as they think proper; all power
will be in their own possession. You can not force them to receive
their punishment: of what service would militia be to you, when, most 
probably, you will not have a single musket in the State? For, us 
arms are to be provided by Congress, they may or may not furnish them.

The honorable gentleman then went on to the figure we make with 
foreign nations; the contemptible one we make in France and Holland, 
which, according to the substance of the notes, he attributes to the 
present feeble government. An opinion has gone forth, we find, that
we are contemptible people; the time has been when we were thought 
otherwise. Under the same despised government we commanded the 
respect of all Europe; wherefore are we now reckoned otherwise? The 
American spirit has fled from hence: it has gone to regions where it
has never been expected; it has gone to the people of France in 
search of a splendid government, a strong, energetic government. 
Shall we imitate the example of those nations who have gone from a 
simple to a splendid government? Are those nations more worthy of 
our imitation? What can make an adequate satisfaction to them for 
the loss they have suffered in attaining such a government—for the 
loss of their liberty? If we admit this consolidated government, it 
will be because we like a great, splendid one. Some way or other we 
must be a great and mighty empire; we must have an army, and a navy, 
and a number of things. When the American spirit was in its youth, 
the language of America was different; liberty, sir, was then the 
primary object.

We are descended from a people whose government was founded on 
liberty; our glorious forefathers of Great Britain made liberty the 
foundation of everything. That country is become a great, mighty, 
and splendid nation; not because their government is strong and 
energetic, but, sir, because liberty is its direct end and foundation.
We drew the spirit of liberty from our British ancestors; by that 
spirit we have triumphed over every difficulty. But now, sir, the
American spirit, assisted by the ropes and chains of consolidation, 
is about to convert this country into a powerful and mighty empire. 
If you make the citizens of this country agree to become the subjects 
of one great consolidated empire of America, your government will not
have sufficient energy to keep them together. Such a government is 
incompatible with the genius of republicanism. There will be no 
checks, no real balances, in this government. What can avail your 
specious, imaginary balances, your rope-dancing, chain-rattling,
ridiculous ideal checks and contrivances? But, sir, "we are not 
feared by foreigners; we do not make nations tremble." Would this 
constitute happiness or secure liberty? I trust, sir, our political 
hemisphere will ever direct their operations to the security of 
those objects.

Consider our situation, sir; go to the poor man and ask him what he 
does. He will inform you that he enjoys the fruits of his labor, 
under his own fig tree, with his wife and children around him, in 
peace and security. Go to every other member of society; you will 
find the same tranquil ease and content; you will find no alarms or 
disturbances. Why, then, tell us of danger, to terrify us into an 
adoption of this new form of government? And yet who knows the dangers
that this new system may produce? They are out of sight of the common
people; they can not foresee latent consequences. I dread the 
operation of it on the middling and lower classes of people; it is 
for them I fear the adoption of this system. I fear I tire the 
patience of the committee, but I beg to be indulged with a few more 

When I thus profess myself an advocate for the liberty of the people, 
I shall be told I am a designing man, that I am to be a great man, 
that I am to be a demagog; and many similar illiberal insinuations 
will be thrown out; but, sir, conscious rectitude outweighs those 
things with me. I see great jeopardy in this new government. I see 
none from our present one. I hope some gentleman or other will bring 
forth, in full array, those dangers, if there be any, that we may see
and touch them. I have said that I thought this a consolidated 
government; I will now prove it. Will the great rights of the people 
be secured by this government? Suppose it should prove oppressive, 
how can it be altered? Our Bill of Rights declares that "a majority 
of the community hath an indubitable, unalienable, and indefeasible 
right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be 
judged most conducive to the public weal."

The voice of tradition, I trust, will inform posterity of our 
struggles for freedom. If our descendants be worthy the name of 
Americans they will preserve and hand down to their latest posterity 
the transactions of the present times; and tho I confess my 
exclamations are not worthy the hearing, they will see that I have
done my utmost to preserve their liberty, for I never will give up 
the power of direct taxation but for a scourge. I am willing to give 
it conditionally—that is, after non-compliance with requisitions. I 
will do more, sir, and what I hope will convince the most skeptical 
man that I am a lover of the American Union; that, in case Virginia 
shall not make punctual payment, the control of our customhouses and 
the whole regulation of trade shall be given to Congress, and that 
Virginia shall depend on Congress even for passports, till Virginia 
shall have paid the last farthing and furnished the last soldier.

Nay, sir, there is another alternative to which I would consent; even 
that they should strike us out of the Union and take away from us all 
federal privileges till we comply with federal requisitions; but let 
it depend upon our own pleasure to pay our money in the most easy
manner for our people. Were all the States, more terrible than the 
mother country, to join against us, I hope Virginia could defend 
herself; but, sir, the dissolution of the Union is most abhorrent to 
my mind. The first thing I have at heart is American liberty; the 
second thing is American union; and I hope the people of Virginia 
will endeavor to preserve that union. The increasing population of 
the Southern States is far greater than that of New England;
consequently, in a short time, they will be far more numerous than 
the people of that country. Consider this and you will find this 
State more particularly interested to support American liberty and 
not bind our posterity by an improvident relinquishment of our 
rights. I would give the best security for a punctual compliance 
with requisitions; but I beseech gentlemen, at all hazards, not to 
give up this unlimited power of taxation. The honorable gentleman 
has told us that these powers given to Congress are accompanied by a 
judiciary which will correct all. On examination you will find this 
very judiciary oppressively constructed, your jury trial destroyed, 
and the judges dependent on Congress.

This Constitution is said to have beautiful features; but when I come
to examine these features, sir, they appear to me horribly frightful. 
Among other deformities, it has an awful squinting; it squints toward 
monarchy, and does not this raise indignation in the breast of every 
true American? Your president may easily become king. Your Senate is 
so imperfectly constructed that your dearest rights may be sacrificed
to what may be a small minority; and a very small minority may 
continue for ever unchangeably this government, altho horridly 
defective. Where are your checks in this government? Your strongholds 
will be in the hands of your enemies. It is on a supposition that 
your American governors shall be honest that all the good qualities 
of this government are founded; but its defective and imperfect 
construction puts it in their power to perpetrate the worst of 
mischiefs should they be bad men; and, sir, would not all the world,
blame our distracted folly in resting our rights upon the contingency
of our rulers being good or gad? Show me that age and country where 
the rights and liberties of the people were placed on the sole chance 
of their rulers being good men without a consequent loss of liberty! 
I say that the loss of that dearest privilege has ever followed, with
absolute certainty, every such mad attempt.

If your American chief be a man of ambition and abilities, how easy is
it for him to render himself absolute! The army is in his hands, and 
if he be a man of address, it will be attached to him, and it will be 
the subject of long meditation with him to seize the first auspicious
moment to accomplish his design, and, sir, will the American spirit 
solely relieve you when this happens? I would rather infinitely—and 
I am sure most of this Convention are of the same opinion—have a 
king, lords, and commons, than a government so replete with such
insupportable evils. If we make a king we may prescribe the rules by 
which he shall rule his people, and interpose such checks as shall 
prevent him from infringing them; but the president, in the field, at
the head of his army, can prescribe the terms on which he shall reign
master, so far that it will puzzle any American ever to get his neck 
from under the galling yoke. I can not with patience think of this 
idea. If ever he violate the laws, one of two things will happen: 
he will come at the head of the army to carry everything before him,
or he will give bail, or do what Mr. Chief Justice will order him. If
he be guilty, will not the recollection of his crimes teach him to 
make one bold push for the American throne? Will not the immense 
difference between being master of everything an being ignominiously 
tried and punished powerfully excite him to make this bold push? But,
sir, where is the existing force to punish him? Can he not, at the 
head of his army, beat down every opposition? Away with your 
president! we shall have a king: the army will salute him monarch; 
your militia will leave you, and assist in making him king, and fight
against you: and what have you to oppose this force? What will then
become of you and your rights? Will not absolute despotism ensue?

Found on the web by the Anti-Federalist Society at 

SOURCE: The World's Famous Orations, Vol.1 Pg.67-76

The Republic of Texas

Good News! The people in the great Republic of Texas
have drafted their own new constitution that puts the U.S.
CONstitution to shame! This constitution makes the U.S.
Bill of Rights look pale in comparison.
You may view this new Lamp of Liberty by going to
and you will see what I mean.

The People of Texas knew what a true Republic is when they
designed this new constitution. A true Republic has no 
legislature to rule over the people! Statutes are not law. 
Only God our Creator can write law.
And the legislatures are not God. 

Also a true Republic doesn't have a government on top of a
government like the united states of America has become.
Many countries in the world today are more of a true republic
than we are because they are more autonomous and do not have
their own federal government dictating to them what to do.

Well the people of Texas knew this and they have done something
rather remarkable when they drafted their new constitution,
for in it, they only establish a national assembly that can
only write regulations, not law, and these regulations can only
apply to government property.

Also we recommend flying the Republic of Texas flag every
chance you get. I'll never buy those "stars and stripes" again.
I've already seen stars when beat by the cops. And I've not
worn stripes because I'm not a felon, however, I have been put
behind bars for my expressing freedom of speech.

The only star I want to see is that Lone Star, which represents
the sovereignty of each and every one of our true republics,
especially the one known as the Republic of Texas.


On the internet we can develop large networking capabilities
as long as we do not leave that job to someone else. Each one
of us should try to develop our own email list of anti-federal
minutemen. This is very important. To turn the tide in our favor
each one of us should see if we can outdo the other as far as
establishing contacts and maintaining a large email list.
Although the newsgroups are also a very good thing, like
alt.militia, etc., there is nothing like a good email list
to make sure everyone is advised as to news events in and 
around your area.

Also in case you are not aware, there are many good programs
on shortwave radio. Shortwave radios can be purchased at your
local Radio Shack or you may even find a real bargain at your
local pawn shop.

Permanent Email Addresses Recommended

If you do not have a permanent website email address such as one
from Angelfire, NetAddress or any of the others, do so now.
The more permanent you can establish your email address the
better so that mail does not get bounced around. This way even
though you may physically move or change internet service
providers, or even if you do without internet service for a 
period of time, the messages will still reach you eventually
in all probability.

Our new Website

If you haven't visited our website in a while, 
we are at http://www.No-Debts.com/ 
If you have a mortgage with at least 5 years of life left
be sure and check out the Atlas Debt and Mortgage Payoff
Program there that can save you thousands of dollars
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Anti-Federalist Books and Magazines

We are also in search of Anti-federalist hardcopy newspapers
and magazines so that we can let everyone know about them.
I guess even books would be a good idea. If you know of
any good Anti-Federalist hardcopy publications or even
other websites that we don't know about, just let us know.

For starters, you should read:

A Constitutional View of the War Between the States
by Alexander Stephens (vice-president of the Confederacy).
Mr. Stephens had a legal mind like you wouldn't believe.
I differ with him on part of the slavery issue but
believe him to be correct on part of the point he was
making. There is a form of slavery that is biblical.
But I also believe that there is a form of slavery
that is not biblical. This book will help you
understand the nationhood of our states compared to
modern day colonization as one of the federal states.

The Anti-Federalist Papers 
by Richard Henry Lee and Patrick Henry is also very 
good reading.

The South was Right 
is also book providing you food for thought.

The CONstitution That Never Was
by Ralph Boryszewski is also one of the most important 
books I have ever read. I sincerely believe that this
book may actually be the straw that breaks the federal
camel's back. If you read this book, you will have the
basis you need to understand why you need to support
the reestablishment of the Republic in your nation-state.
This book is available at Media Bypass. Their website is

Media Bypass Magazine
This excellent magazine gives insight to many issues that
are so pertinent today. Visit them at 
and order their magazine. You'll be glad you did.

Anti-Shyster Magazine
This magazine is probably the premier patriot magazine 
bringing to the forefront cutting edge legal memoranda
that will definitely educate your patriotic mind.

The Missing 13th Amendment
by David Dodge, researcher, and Alfred Adask, editor of
Anti-Shyster Magazine

Elliot's Debates
It's time we review once more Elliot's Debates.

This is your Anti-Federalist News. You are invited to
provide influence and articles for others to read and 
enjoy. In this issue, we feature an article by probably
the strongest, most educated Anti-federalist I know,
Mr. Ed Bruning.

Ed Bruning's Article

Hi again!!

The calendar is counting us down to July 4, the 223rd 
anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of

Sadly, most Americans have no idea why July 4 is a date to 
commemorate. To them it means only a day off from work (or, 
this year, a three day holiday weekend), barbecues, mall sales, 
and the beach.

Nearly as sad, I think, is that most individuals who call 
themselves "patriots" don't seem to realize that "Independence 
Day," is not a day which merits celebration of any kind.

We tend to forget that the Founders of the United States of 
America were not "like us." They both feared and loathed the 
common people, i.e. those who depended mainly on their physical 
labor in order to get a living.

Throughout the writings of Washington, Madison, Franklin, Adams,
and, yes, even Jefferson are several negative and condescending 
references to "the masses."

Independence from Great Britain was sold to the masses by the 
Founders as a way for them to gain "freedom," "rights," and 
"liberty." The truth of the matter, though, was that the 
Founders desired for themselves the monopolies, the privileges, 
and the power which was then in the hands of the Crown and the 
Parliament of the mother country.

Every purported "injury" or "usurpation" alleged in the 
Declaration to have committed by King George III can be traced 
back to a desire of the Founders to themselves have the power 
and authority to commit these acts rather than let a far away 
government commit them.

A mere four years after the treaty of peace was signed with Great
Britain, many of these same Founders became the Framers of a 
Constitution which allowed a federal government to do every act 
which 11 years earlier they had termed an "injury" or 
"usurpation" of a "foreign" government.

For instance:

---If the Declaration said that the people had the right to alter
or abolish their form of government, by arms if necessary...

.....the Constitution said that warring against the United States
was treason, that the federal government could use the militia 
to "suppress insurrections," and that the full power of the 
United States would be used to protect the states against 
"domestic violence."

---If the Declaration said that "these Colonies" were suffering 
because the King had refused his assent to certain laws....

.....the Constitution said that it, treaties made under authority
of the United States, and constitutional federal laws only were 
the "supreme law of the land"...."anything in the Constitution or
laws of any state notwithstanding."

---If the Declaration said that the King had kept up standing 
armies in times of peace without the consent of the colonial 

.....the Constitution said that Congress alone, without the 
consent of the states, could keep up standing armies in times of

---If the Declaration said that the King and Parliament 
"imposed taxes upon us without our consent"....

.....the Constitution said that Congress could both "lay and 
collect taxes," which they could not do under the Articles of 
Confederation, without the consent of the states.

---If the Declaration said that the respective colonies were 
"free and independent states," and could "levy war, conclude 
peace, contract alliances, and establish commerce, etc."....

.....the Constitution said that no state could "enter into any 
treaty, alliance or confederation," nor wage war without the 
consent of Congress, nor even enter into any agreement or compact
with another state! Also, Congress was given the "supreme" 
right of regulating commerce "among the several states."

So, as can be seen by these examples alone "independence" to the
average American really means he has merely exchanged one master,
or parent, for another.

Today, rather than being ruled over by the "Mother England" 
spoken about in the Declaration of Independence, we Americans 
today are ruled over by the "Big Brother" deliberately created 
by the United States Constitution—and the authors of each of 
these historical documents intended it to be just that way.

So, please don't celebrate "Independence Day" this weekend—for 
there really is absolutely nothing to celebrate.


Ed Bruning
( ANTIFEDGOV@aol.com  )


The Confederate Society of America
Confederate Alliance Conference

The Confederate Society of America is organizing! 
The Confederate Alliance Conference is coming up fast!!
Be there !!! 
The Confederate Alliance Conference will be in Charleston
on July 22-24th, 1999.

Jack M. King, Communications Officer, Craig Maus and 
others are coordinating this big event! 

Here is just a sampling of who has committed and who will 

League of the South - Dr. Michael Hill and George Kalas
The Confederate Society of America - Craig Maus and Roger 
The Southern Legal Resource Center - Kirk Lyons and Dr. Payne
The Southern Military Institute - Dr. Michael Guthrie
The Lawful Government of the South - Thomas Guinn
The Edgefield Journal - David Luxton and Virgil Huston
Reverend Slimp of South Carolina
and many others.

For more information, please contact:
Jack M. King
The Confederate Society of America
And be sure to visit the website at:
Particulars details about the Confederate Alliance Conference
are found at:

This may well be the event that finally brings Sovereignty
of the American people back within their reach.
You won't want to miss this!


To any of our friends in Texas:
While at a Republic of Texas meeting, I was able to purchase
a Burnet Flag, the flag with the Gold Star, but I have since
mailed it back to a friend in Texas so that he could fly it
over Texas soil. I am interested in purchasing another Burnet
Flag if the price is right.. so if you can supply me with one
email me a quote on the price at: Gene Karl no-debts@usa.net 


If you would like to be included in our 
please let us know. This is an excellent way to establish
contacts with others and also give your website some publicity.
of this ANTI-FED ACTION NEWSletter.

Well that does it for this issue of the ANTI-FED ACTION NEWS.
Until next time.... pray for the day when we can be free again.
The Anti-Federalist Society http://www.No-Debts.com 


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