"To Seek out that which was Lost..."


The Blessing of the  Water for the HEALING of OurSelves and the Earth
is Expressed in Thankfulness! The WATER itself is Transformed into LIVING WATER..
Drinking this LIVING WATER Will HEAL Disease and RESTORE LIFE..
and Even Cause the Blind to Finally SEE!
But it Requires Direct Participation .. the effects will Vary..
"As Ye Give.. So Shall Ye Receive!" it is not About the Quantity but Rather the Quality.

Water not only Stores Information and Energy but ALSO RESONATES..
Each Container of Water is Connected.. the Earth is a Container as also All LIFE!
Once we Become Aware of this Connection And GIVE THANKS our OWN Container begins to RESONATE.. this Has a DIRECT EFFECT on Every Other Container.. and instills a Respect for the GIFTS FREELY GIVEN to ALL..

As More of us Consciously Join in to this Prayer of Blessing, the Effect will be Multiplied.. the Resonance of our Vessels will Increase and the WATER Will become More Potent for Healing..

The Movie "Water: the Great Mystery"  Will Explain More about the Science..
it is an Hour and 22 Minutes But Totally Worth the Time..
amazingly well documented and Beautiful to See..


Now I would Like to Share a Blessing with you...

Print the Next Page, cut, and Tape or Glue it to your Water Jug..
repeat for as many Jugs as you use even to your drinking container..

Whenever you see it, Read it.. (with Feeling)
 "TODaH RaBaH.. ShaLOM BeSheM.. IaHUShUA' HaMaShIaCh" ..
Thanks Increased.. Complete WellBeing in the Name.. IaHUShUA' HaMaShIaCh..

It may seem silly superstition.. but there is science behind it (and Much MORE)

-- Share them with others but Explain how to Activate.

A Gift of Charity to Any in Need Will Activate this Blessing that I FREELY OFFER...
In fact I Encourage you to Help Others..
Even without "Activation" one will Receive Benefit .. (it might even be Retroactive)

But I Cannot Overstress the Benefits of Drinking Fully Activated LIVING WATER!

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יהונתן ישראל

As I Fill... I OverFlow

This is how it is.. *Conditions Severely Inhibit me from being Able to Work a Regular Job..
I do not receive Public Assistance.. I Cannot Charge for my Service to IaHUeH ..
or Make Merchandise of the TRUTH of His WORD..

What I am DOING is BEGGING For Charity!

Now would be an Excellent Time to Receive a Blessing!

Thank You... so very much!

Your contribution Large or Small will certainly be a help!

Praying for Blessings of WellBeing.. Past OverFlowing.. to you and those Dear ones!!

  ShaLOM in IaHUShUA' HaMaShIaCh

Email for more information.. 

* Basically Tired and Ache All Over .. All the time.. They call it Fibromyalgia (with all of its associated syndromes) and then there is the Osteo-Arthritis and "Healing" Compression Fracture(s) makes Scheduling Difficult.. I get tired and need to Sleep but Can't.. then I can't Wake-Up! It is kinda like Having a Perpetual Body Flu.. I am Tired of being Sick and Sick of Being Tired! 

Currently: Ouch.. Shoulder!!! that is my most pain.. then nape of neck.. and T-7 I think it is vertebrae.. where the bundle goes through.. a knot that takes out my whole left arm.. they call it impingement now.. but when I had it Diagnosed it was called tendinitis which is similar to bursitis.. other shoulder too... mostly constant but with severe Flair-Ups! That is just about where I am.. I did manage to unlock my cervix slightly the vertebrae that sticks out gets locked on top of the one above... gives the neck an s shape because you cannot really raise your head  a friend called it reverse lodorsis 
(back) .. Since Drinking this LIVING WATER I am Definitely Feeling a Revitalization.. a being Filled with WellBeing Rising up to OverFlowing

Exo 23:25 And you shall serve יהוה your Elohim, and He shall bless your bread and your water. And I shall remove sickness from your midst.

Jer 2:13 For My people have done two evils: they have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, to hew out for themselves cisterns, cracked cisterns, which do not hold water.

Jer 17:13 O יהוה, the expectation of IeShRaEL all who forsake You are put to shame. "Those who depart from Me shall be written in the earth, because they have forsaken יהוה, the fountain of living waters"
Jer 17:14 Heal me, O יהוה, so that I am healed. Save me, so that I am saved, for You are my praise.

Zec 14:8 And in that day it shall be that living waters flow from IeRUShaLeM, half of them toward the eastern sea and half of them toward the western sea, in summer as well as in winter.

Joh 7:37 In the last day, that great day of the feast, יהושוע stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.
Joh 7:38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

Joh 7:39 And this He said concerning the Spirit, which those believing in Him were about to receive, for the Set-apart Spirit was not yet given,1 because יהושועwas not yet esteemed.

Mat 5:43 You heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbour and hate your enemy.'
Mat 5:44 But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those cursing you, do good to those hating you, and pray for those insulting you and persecuting you,
Mat 5:45 so that you become sons of your Father in the heavens. Because He makes His sun rise on the wicked and on the good, and sends rain on the righteous and on the unrighteous.
Mat 5:46 For if you love those loving you, what reward have you? Are the tax collectors not doing the same too?
Mat 5:47 And if you greet your brothers only, what do you do more than others? Are the tax collectors not doing so too?
Mat 5:48 Therefore, be perfect, as your Father in the heavens is perfect.


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Please Pray For the ShaLOM of IeRUShaLeM! It must be preserved for the lost sheep of the Scattered Tribes.
Both Houses of The Twelve Tribes of the Scattered Sheep of the Children of IeShRaEL

Terrorism is EVIL - Counter Terrorism is Oppressive - We Support Neither!!
But Rather Encourage Love.

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The Assembly of IaHUShUA' MaShIaChaH

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