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We found it at: "http://www.ismennt.is/hop_einst/elias/zionism.html"

.. anyone know what"Umbeğin síğa finnst ekki" Means??

I also just found it at "http://alquds.org/www/zionism/zionism.html"

The Dark Web Pages of Zionism

The relationship of Zionism and anti-Semitism
Analyses of the symbiotic relationship between political Zionism and anti-Semitism.
The racist nature of Zionism
The racist foundations of Zionism; racist attitudes of Zionists towards diaspora Jewry and non-jews; racial discrimination in and by the State of Israel; consequences.

Zionism and the Holocaust
Failure to support rescue; suppression of news; collaboration with the Nazis in extermination of European Jewry; Zionist priorities in World War II; Zionists in the USA during World War II, etc.

Jewish opposition to Zionism
Orthodox Jews denounce Zionism as blasphemy. Liberal Jews oppose and denounce Zionism as a racist, colonial project endangering Jews and non-Jews.

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For preparing the above pages and Making them available to us.

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