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May 8, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Ever since, at the beginning of January, the Holocaust Hucksters came out of the closet, guns blazing, to blast the Zundelsite out of existence, the Internet landscape has not been the same.

So here we are, some four months later, and this is what global "freedom" on the Net now looks like - some of the stranglehold still masking as "pornography" but most of it fangs bared.

*The information below was taken off of one of the Zundelsite mirrors at http://gsia.andrew.cmu.edu/andrew/ml3e/Not_By_Me_Not_My_Views/index.html. (Comments in bracket were added for clarification)

* ". . . France, China, Germany, Singapore, Jordan, the U.S., and many other countries are moving towards tighter control of the Internet. France and Germany want to see an international agreement of information controls emerge. Recently China required all of its estimated 40,000 Internet users to register at the local police station ( and pay a licencing fee the equivalent of 1 month's wages!).

This international crackdown marks a turning point in the development of the Net.


Germany cuts off access to holocaust revisionist web site (Zundelsite) (1/96) German Internet update, new laws planned (3/29/96) Los Angeles Times on German vs. U.S. netcensorship (3/13/96) German minister predicts collapse of governments (because of the information revolution brought on by the Internet) (3/12/96) Germany's CompuServe net-censorship (12/31/95)


French government bans controversial book (by the doctor to the former President) (1/96) French Jewish students sue ISPs for revisionist materials (3/14/96) French Jewish students sue ISPs for (for allowing French people access to) revisionist materials (3/15/96) France calls for "global Internet rules" (2/3/96)


Swiss (policy) statement on voice over Internet (3/16/96) Sweden proposes CDA-type law to control Internet (4/3/96) Italian net-censorship necessary, says Simon Wiesenthal Ctr (1/11/96) Turkey cracks down on Internet (because of too much sensitive political material) (2/18/96) Belgium bans non-escrowed encryption (1/10/96)

Asia and Pacific Rim

Singapore leader condemns (the Net's influence) (3/7/96) Indonesia attacks Net (3/11/96) Malaysia complains about uncensored Net, censors it (3/11/96) Singapore censors political, religious net.info (3/6/96)


China cracks down on Internet, "state security" cited (1/24/96) China's anti-cyberporn efforts (2/4/96) New York Times on China's net.crackdown (2/5/96) China's history of Net-regulation, cyberporn concerns (1/1/96) China requires Internet users to register with police (2/16/96) U.S. State Dept criticizes China's net.censorship (3/8/96) China applauds German net.censorship (of porno and revisionist material) (1/11/96)


Australia considers net.legislation (2/13/96) New South Wales tries net-censorship (4/3/96) Australians upset by German Zundelcensorship (4/7/96)


Letter to Canadian minister (warning against sweeping censorship) (3/19/96) Canada needs to regulate Net, says Simon Wiesenthal Ctr (2/20/96)

Middle East

Persian Gulf States reluctant to move online (4/6/96) Jordan installs Internet screening facility (1/8/96) Saudi Arabian government says no (to) unrestricted Net access (1/10/96)*. . ."

All this because some odd-ball German immigrant to Canada was ". . . spreading false news" on the Net?


Thought for the day:

Q: What is the difference between 6 million and 300,000?

A: 5, 700,000.

(Source: Institute for Historical Review brochure)

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