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My Journey Home

It was the largest Freedom Rally I ever attended.

As I was beginning to feel that the Freedom Movement may have lost it's direction, or perhaps I had lost *my* direction, I traveled to Montgomery, Alabama hoping to find answers.

About an hour before the rally officially began, I was trying to find a good place to stand in the already growing crowd. It was during that time that I fully realized I was standing in the same place as those who rallied against tyranny in 1861, as well as those who rallied to demand their God-given rights just 40 years ago.

Under a threatening sky, I looked behind me to see thousands of people arriving to join their voices and demand religious freedom. As the racially-mixed gospel choir began singing praises, just around the corner, armed security personnel surrounded the Southern Poverty Law Center, protecting it from the SPLC's self-inflicted fear and paranoia...there were no incidents. Hatred was not on the agenda.

Local and national television crews turned their plastic-draped cameras towards the growing crowd, hoping to catch any image or statement that could be used to complete their pre-written, stereotyped article. What they got instead, surprised them as much as it deeply touched me.

God Almighty moved the storm clouds away and we all witnessed History in the making...under a brilliantly hot, sunny sky.

A duly elected Governor quoted some of the more provocative portions of the Declaration of Independence.

A County Judge quoted Samuel Adams' historic words: ""If ye love wealth better than liberty..."

An Alabama State Attorney General explained that the United States Supreme Court has these same ten Bible verses carved on their courtroom doors.

A soprano soloist brought tears to the eyes of nearly all present as she sang a heart-filled, gospel rendition of "God Bless America".

A Pensacola evangelist compelled over 20,000 people to fall to their knees, pleading forgiveness and renewed direction in their lives.

All this occurred on the same capital steps where both Jefferson Davis and Martin Luther King gave compelling testimony that greatly affected the direction and history of this nation.

State, local, and national government representatives from both political parties sat in witness and resolve behind the speakers and mass choir.

Over 25,000 people gathered at those steps. Some had traveled great distances...New York, Ohio, Illinois, Colorado. People of different races, different denominations, different faiths. All of them...*all* of them... prayed, sang, and cheered... in one voice.

Yes, there were a few Confederate Flags, very few, but there were literally thousands of American Flags. This rally, this "Call to Action", was not about "Dixie". It was not about race. It was not about politics. It was not even about religion.

It was about Resolve. It was about Courage. It was about History. It was about FAITH.

...It was about Time!


The establishment elite are now shaking in their jack-boots. They witnessed public servants and private Citizens from all walks of life joined together to stand in defiance of Federal tyranny. there was no violence. The voices of opposition couldn't be heard...they were far too few in number. This wasn't a separation, but a *unity* between Church and State. It was magnificent. It was my "Journey Home".

I did not hear any speaker attempt to "ram Christianity down anyone's throat". Nor did I hear the Alabama Governor declare Christianity to be the official religion of Alabama. The numerous, nationally renowned speakers *did* say that lack of adherence to God's most basic laws is the reason for the multitude of problems facing America today. To that point, I must agree.

Judge Roy Moore's most memorable quote was,

" This rally is not about me. It is not about the Governor. It's about you, your children, and what principles we will use to restore this nation."

Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Ten Commandments were given to us by God, long before Jesus Christ ever walked the earth. These Laws are shared by Christians, Jews, Mormons, Muslims, and even some Buddhists. Removing these Guidelines of Life, removes the moral guardrails a society needs to conduct itself in a civilized manner.

The message I received from the Ten Commandments rally, as well as from the fellowship with Patriots afterward, was that before we attempt to reach outward to bring this nation back to it's intended course, we must first look inward...deep within ourselves. None of us are perfect. Perfection has been nailed to the cross. We must, however, lead by example.

Saturday's rally demonstrated that the War on the Second Amendment has been overshadowed by the War on the First Amendment. Too many of us fail to recognize this fact. It is THE reason this movement, this nation, lacks the necessary discipline to function and to survive.

It was in Alabama where we found a true Communications Network.
It was in Alabama where we found a Command and Control Structure.
It was in Alabama where we found a necessary Resolve to restore Constitutional Governance to America....on an old familiar battlefield.

Some who heard the truth and wisdom at the rally, chose to ignore it in favor of debates over "the separation of Church and State", or attacks on the character of the Judge, the Governor, and the thousands who had gathered. Perhaps a similar scenario was the impetus behind Moses breaking the sacred tablets in disgust after he returned from Mount Sinai...

...Perhaps this is also why we may be destined to wander the desert for the next 40 years.

J.J. Johnson


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Another Report:


S.A.F.A.N. Internet Newsletter, No. 376, April 13, 1997


by Paul Andrew Mitchell (pmitch@primenet.com)

MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- Thousands of people, including two of Alabama's highest elected officials, protested the separation of church and state at the state Capitol Saturday, condemning the Supreme Court for keeping religion out of public schools, courtrooms and other government venues.

At a three-hour rally, Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, Alabama Gov. Fob James and state Attorney General Bill Pryor pledged their support for a state judge who has come under fire in recent months for praying in court and displaying the 10 Commandments on the wall behind his bench.

While the rally's invective was aimed mainly at the Supreme Court and the American Civil Liberties Union, its rhetoric at times veered into a condemnation of legal abortion and gay people.

"The greatest domestic need in the American political system today is a U.S. president who would refuse to enforce U.S. Supreme Court decisions based on judicial fraud ... and a U.S. Congress to impeach judges for subverting the Constitution," James told the cheering crowd, estimated by police at between 20,000 and 25,000 people.

The "Save the Commandments" rally was sponsored by 37 national and state religious organizations as a means of generating support for Etowah County Circuit Judge Roy Moore, who has been battling with the ACLU for two years.

The ACLU sued in federal court in 1995 to stop Moore from opening his court with prayer and to make him remove a hand-carved tablet bearing the 10 Commandments from his Anniston courtroom, 150 miles away.

The federal suit was thrown out on a technicality, but a Montgomery County circuit judge later decided against Moore in two separate rulings. Both rulings have since been stayed by the Alabama Supreme Court pending appeals by the state.

"You do not stand alone," declared Reed, whose Christian Coalition claims 2.5 million members nationwide. "As long as there's breath in our bodies, the 10 Commandments will never come down from this courtroom."

Pryor, who argued Moore's case while still a deputy attorney general, condemned the 1973 Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, telling his audience that he became a lawyer to fight the ACLU.

"God has chosen, through his son Jesus Christ, this time and this place for all Christians ... to save our country and save our courts," he announced.

One member of the crowd waved a homemade placard inviting renowned civil rights attorney Morris Dees, the state ACLU president and newly out-of-the-closet television actress Ellen Degeneres to "Burn In Hell."

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