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Hypocrisy in Action: Clinton and the Church Burnings
by Patricia Neill

        "President Clinton, saying there is no evidence of a national
        conspiracy in the burning of 30 black churches in the South, vowed
        today to end the racially motivated attacks as quickly as possible.
        "It's hard to think of a more depraved act of violence than the
        destruction of a place of worship," Clinton said in his weekly
        radio address."

Whoever is burning Southern black churches is certainly depraved,
let there be no doubt about that. However, at this moment, we
simply don't know who is doing this or why.

What we do know is that President Clinton and Attorney General
Janet Reno burned down a church--while the congregation was still
inside. A headline in the mainstream media such as "Reno Vows
Vigorous Hunt for Church Arsonists" is terribly ironic, as well as
breathtakingly hypocritical.

That church, of course, was Mount Carmel, located just outside of
Waco, Texas. Members of that church were black, white,
Asian, and Mexican-American; they were many races, of many

Mainstream media reports claimed that the Branch Davidians were
religious extremists, gun-running, drug-dealing child abusers. Of
course, none of that was true. The guns were legal, there were no
drugs, there was no child abuse, nothing. Have we yet heard an apology
from the mainstream media for their lies, distortions, or even their
craven, cowardly manner of getting all their "news" directly from
ATF and FBI handouts? Of course not. It was business as usual.

These same pudits are now pontificating about these despicable
new church burnings. This is as smugly hypocritical as Clinton's and
Reno's proclamations. The media was complicit in that
church burning in Waco, Texas in 1993.

Mount Carmel was a church, a Christian church, although of a minority
sect. At Mount Carmel they studied the Bible and listened to
sermons. They believed in Jesus Christ, and that He would come
again. David Koresh was writing a manuscript concerning the Book of
Revelations, a study of the seven seals. He never got to finish his
manuscript. He was interrupted by the burning of his church.

After a sustained attack and siege, the ATF and FBI, under orders
from Clinton and Reno, finally used tanks against the Mount Carmel
church. These tanks lobbed highly flammable CS gas, which is banned
from use in war with our enemies, into the church. The CS gas
caught fire, burning down the church, and burning most of the
congregation of men, women and seventeen children to death.

In a Sunday, June 9 article, Reuters says that "some 200 Justice
and Treasury department agents were involved in the investigations"
of the new rash of church burnings. These "Justice and Treasury" agents are, of
course, FBI and ATF, who have experience with church burning,
having performed one themselves back in 1993.

"The Clinton administration will 'devote whatever resources are
necessary' to their search for the arsonists of the black
churches." And that is as it should be. We would all like to see a
quick end to this.

And then Clinton and Reno should resign their offices of honor and
trust, since they are also guilty of torching a church. With the
congregation inside.

"It's hard to think of a more depraved act of violence than the
destruction of a place of worship."

Indeed. And it's hard to think of anything more thoroughly hypocritical
Clinton could say than this.


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