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May 02, 1996

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<CHICO, California> On March 7th, 1996, Mrs. Anita Kavanagh contacted the Sovereign Patriot Group seeking its help, in regards to Child Protective Services "giving away" her youngest 3 year old daughter. This "adoption" was particularly aggreigious due to the fact that Ms. Kavanagh was mailed a letter by her 'attorney' on the 6th of March, requiring her appearance on the 7th of March at 8A.M. Mrs. Kavanagh did not receive the letter until 2P.M. that day on the 7th of March, thereby missing the court proceeding. From that, this 'adoption' was able to take place; UNCHALLENGED, and the child was simply to be 'given' away to the eager adoptive parents.

Mrs. Kavanagh, whose family became embroiled in crisis this with the government over her children, originally started due to the fact that her oldest 17 year-old daughter had picked up the phone, and lied to police stating that she had "just been hit over the head" with a steel pipe by her mother. All such testimony was later retracted, by all parties concerned, even by the 17 year-old daughter herself, who originally brought the charge. Yet still, the District Attorney moved forwards, and prosecuted the family.

Nonetheless, from that once incident, and through a malady of misrepresentation, under-representation, and outright unlawfulness; Ms. Anita Kavanagh had the REST of her children taken from her today, May 2nd. The reason? She continually fought C.P.S. to have the return of her youngest child which was unlawfully "given away" over her objections, to foster parents as earlier reported.

The preceding years of court appearances, plea-bargaining, psychological counseling, testing, classes, review, drug testing, interviews, surprise C.P.S. visits has debilitated this family to the point where now, today on May 2nd 1996, after many threats levied by Child Support Services personnel that 'they would get her' and 'take her other children' for daring to talk to the Sovereign Patriot Group or seek media attention in any way; made good on their threats by seizing all Mrs. Kavanaghs' children outright.

The Sovereign Patriot Group recognizes that no person is perfect. However; the Kavanaghs' and her families main crime here is that they have indeed, have been poor. Really poor.

Through that tribulation, they have managed to live and bring up their children. It is indeed unfortunate, when the state, through the Leviathan of intent and laws it uses to market upon such matters; has indeed forcibly, and unlawfully intruded upon this, and other families lives until this fact of what happen today proves: that Child Protective Services has totally dismembered and disenfranchised this family, and many others.

The facts are, that no child was at risk today, (as most of Ms. Kavanaghs' children were seized while in school!) The facts are, that the community in which Ms. Kavanagh lives, indeed signed a petition to have the children returned to her household. The only misanthropy occurring her is through the Leviathan of Government which has indeed predicated upon this family, has consumed it; and now forcibly has abducted the children; when NO CITIZEN HAS COMPLAINED AS TO THE PERFORMANCE OR ENDANGERMENT OF THE CHILDREN. All allegations and superfluous manifestations of illegality or wrong doing come from governments needs and wants, and not those of the community.

The Sovereign Patriot Group is cataloguing such abuses. We see a marked increase in such government unlawful and needless intrusions to families, especially poor families. It is interesting to note, that the county, through the federal government, obtains a $115,000 money grant from the federal government for each child the county 'saves' from crisis. We feel there is an industry here that is economically based, and is focused upon and willing to attack poor families, for such a small thing as an allegation, such as what started this incident.

The Sovereign Patriot Group upon contacting another agency upon this matter seeking help, that organization commented: "This is the fifth case we've had like this; this month!" We have seen a marketed increase in such attacks upon the family, and from this; there is NO EFFECTIVE REDRESS FOR THOSE FAMILIES. Government, threatens, seizes, and moves at will, with no family having any real ability to move from out of under their auspices. It is interesting to note, that the main person in delegation and enforcement of this system, Butte County District Attorney Mr. Mike Ramsey himself, will not suffer through this organization he enforces, when his family undergoes similar crisises and defects. Apparently, we have two sets of laws here: one for the rich and powerful and those the rest of us illegally suffer through.

This Government mentality is indeed dangerous. What has happened to Ms. Kavanagh can no less be seen as a total injustice and an abject attack upon every American family. For, when in fact; when Ms. Kavanagh is stripped of her Constitutional protections of defending her home, or freely bringing up her home, then indeed; no one really has such protections any longer. We have read the rather large file on this matter that has been generated by Government and all its industrious agents. We find such industry an abomination. And although they can fully and factually explain and document their reasonings for their actions against the Kavanagh family, the point remains; that such procedural fantasies can indeed ruin any family, so placed under such scrutiny. And such actions in the larger view, are no more than an obfuscation of law, and a complete perversion of power.

We indeed supplicate the media to take up and review this matter. As a Constitutional organization, we fully see the complete abrogation of Constitutional rights, such as those of the Fourth, the First, the Second and Fifth amendments respectively. What has happened here is clearly unjust in our eyes. This event, stemming from a false allegation of child abuse, has indeed led this family to ruin. This is unfair, illegal; and not in the best interests of Butte county or this country. We indeed, hope you review this matter, and do not stop at Child Protective Services or Governments "standard" affirmations condoning their acts. A real injustice has been done here, and the public in Butte county should be informed as to these matters.

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