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Davidian being Tortured in Prison

Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996 03:10:13 -0400
From: Ian Goddard <igoddard@erols.com>
To: pwatson@utdallas.edu
Subject: Davidian being Tortured in Prison

Carol Moore, author of The Davidian Massacre, just shared with me a letter she received from one of the nine surviving Branch Davidians being held unjustly [*] in prison, Livingstone Fagan. Of particular distress to me is the fact that Livingstone reports that he is being physically abused and beaten routinely by prison officials. Recently he was beaten nearly to death and he fears for his life.

Just a few hours ago Carol Moore allowed me to transcribe the following crucial details excerpted from Livingston's letter dated 09/28/96:

.... the scars and bruises from threats and
physical assaults sustained since my arrival
June 20th '96, all of which I received at the
hands of prison officers. Last Thursday was
the worst yet. After continuously slamming my
head against a concrete, then metal structure,
followed by my body against a concrete floor
(the stated purpose being to get me to fear him),
this 300 lb officer then verbalized his intent
to kill me for my not cowering to his will.

Ordinarily the above would be considered attempted
murder. In here it seems to be the norm -- The
inquisition continues. I had tended not to report
these incidents, not wanting to appear as though
I'm whining. I am not. This is only for informational
purposes. It is not uncommon for people to be killed
in these institutions and it be reported as self-
inflicted. In the event of my premature death, I
think it prudent that there be someone independent
who is aware of the preceding.....thus averting
such fabrication.

There is no question that the letter is from Livingston Fagan, who has been in correspondence with Carol Moore. I am not sure, however, how the contents of this letter slipped past prison oversight. The first part contained nothing about abuse, nor did the final portion. A viewing of the letter, without careful reading, would reveal nothing out of the ordinary, no obvious plea for help. The handwriting was consistent and orderly, so I can only assume that prison official in charge of letter oversight just gave it a quick once over and that was that -- if indeed they even bother with that much oversight.

Carol herself will soon be writing about this with important additional info. My effort here is to get this info out immediately.

If you think the Davidians should be in prison, your living in a fantasy land severed entirely from fact, fabricated by the FBI and relayed to us without question by the mass media. But even if the Davidians should be in prison, no civil society can tolerate such abuse of prisoners reported by Livingstone Fagan. He should have independent medical oversight immediately, and then continuously.

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