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Date: Tue, 7 Jan 97 07:22 EST
From: Linda Thompson lindat@iquest.net

Subject: Feds Sued for Free Speech Violations, Racketeering, Illegal Surveillance




20 "John Doe" Defendants, including one Media and three Corporate "John Does," 11 police, and 6 other persons are named as co-conspirators.

Patriot/Militia Class Action may follow.

A 61-count complaint for racketeering, intimidation and retaliation, unlawful computer access, violation of the rights of freedom of speech, religion, association and assembly, invasion of privacy, and unlawful surveillance, has been filed against the Director of U.S. Customs, George Weise, Assistant Director William F. Riley, and Richard Balaban and Ron Eschinger, both of U.S. Customs Information and Technology Services, and U.S. Customs employee Allen Taylor, 20 unnamed federal employees and police, and three unnamed corporations, including one member of the media. The complaint seeks the criminal prosecution of named defendants and unspecified damages and punitive damages.

The complaint, filed by Indiana attorney and militia leader, Linda Thompson, and nine other people, alleges that the U.S. government has adopted an official policy of publicly labelling a "terrorist," "racist," or "nazi" anyone speaking out about government corruption, Constitutional rights, the militia, religion, or guns, subjecting them to an organized campaign of illegal harassment and intimidation, along with a massive media campaign, intended to incite public hatred and ridicule through false allegations, such as falsely associating "the militia" or "patriots" with the Oklahoma bombing, or the militia, patriots or Christians with "nazis" and "white supremecists," all of which has caused them to close their businesses and live in fear for their safety. The plaintiffs allege they have been subjected to a two year onslaught of public and private threats from government officials, unlawful access of their computer network, surveillance by helicopter and cars by government agents, interference with their mail and telephone calls, harassment and intimidation, physical attacks and even being shot at. Besides Linda Thompson, her husband andthree children, the other plaintiffs include three local businessmen and three former employees of the American Justice Federation, a local publishing company and public interest lawfirm.

The plaintiffs all say that none of them has ever espoused any racist or nazi beliefs nor engaged in criminal activity, but that government officials and other members of the criminal enterprise in the media, have made such claims, falsely and purposely, to discredit the plaintiffs and their work, to shut them up, and cause people to fear associating with them, for speaking out about the Constitutional rights of citizens and exposing government corruption.

Included with the complaint are more than 400 pages of messages sent to the plaintiffs on computer networks and broadcast worldwide by U.S. Customs employee Allen Taylor.

Taylor writes that "our main target(s) are easy to watch," but "Keeping an eye on their kids at school is hard. It's a real bitch picking out the target's kids during recess at school." Messages to the Thompsons and others included threats, such as "Now would be an excellent time to become a missing person," and "WE will be paying you a visit real soon."

Passage after passage from Taylor's messages are cited in the complaint, in which he calls the Plaintiffs "socio-pathic, politically disenfranchised, Anti-American, Anti-Government, Anti-Family, Anti-Christian, Anti-Semitic, racist neo-NAZI agendizing miscreants," and repeatedly refers to persons he believes are associated with the Plaintiffs as "white supremacist," "wacko," neo-nazi," "a pimp for Linda Thompson, " a "member of the Thompson KKKlan," "freakin' morons," and "asswipes." The plaintiffs had never met nor spoken to the majority of the people who were targetted by Taylor as "Thompson supporters."

Taylor calls Linda Thompson "gruppenfuher Thompson," "a fascist bitch," and the Thompsons "a couple of sick fucks."

The complaint alleges that Taylor's supervisors at U.S. Customs installed telephone lines to his home and let him work from home as a "telecommunications technician." Taylor ran a computer network from his home on which he broadcast the several hundred messages appended to the complaint. Taylor reports directly to Washington, D.C., from his "home office" in Indianapolis, even though there is a U.S. Customs office in Indianapolis. His immediate supervisor is Ron Eschingerm the Manager of the Technology and Information section at U.S. Customs, and Richard Balaban, the Director of Information and Technology, at U.S. Customs.

The plaintiffs complained about Taylor in January and February, 1995, sending along 200 of these messages to George Weise, the Director of Customs and all of Taylor's supervisors in Maryland and Washington, D.C., with a notice of intent to sue. U.S. Customs claimed to have investigated, but the complaint alleges that Taylor's superiors did nothing and Taylor resumed his activities with a vengeance.

Taylor left public messages bragging that his superiors "thought nothing of the complaint." He bragged in a message to one of the plaintiffs, "Be a good little toadie and go ask that fatass, ignorant, backwoods, inbred, Anti-American, neo-nazi loving, morally bankrupt lawyer impersonating bitch to show you the RESPONSE to that 'Notice.' She won't because there wasn't a response. The whole thing was so silly and without merit it was just ignored!"

The plaintiffs allege that after their complaints to his superiors were ignored, Taylor organized petitions and published them on the Internet and other computer networks, soliciting people to file complaints with the State Bar Association against Linda Thompson, another petition to get Linda Thompson's gun permit revoked, another petition to solicit people to write to Attorney Johnnie Cochran, urging him to sue Linda Thompson.

Taylor bragged that he had accessed the American Justice Federation's computer network using a false identity and said, "I can get you copies of any files on (the American Justice Federation's computer network), just let me know what you need."

Taylor made a videotape "expose'" about Linda Thompson, offering it for sale, along with "police mug shots" of Thompson, free, for anyone who sent in signed petitions. Taylor appeared in a local newspaper story claiming that American Justice Federation's computer news network was dangerous to children. Taylor implied that he had called the IRS about the Thompsons who were then visited by an IRS agent at their home and called on the phone repeatedly by IRS.

Apparently without seeing or knowing many of the targets of his messages, Taylor referred to plaintiff James Caldwell as a "judenrat" and a "token African-American in Linda Thompson's KKKlan," and to plaintiff Ben Moore as a "white supremacist." James Caldwell is white, Ben Moore is black.

Plaintiff Brian Murrey ran a computer network for nine years, which he shut down due to the disruptions caused by Taylor. Taylor repeatedly referred to Murrey as a "pimp" for Linda Thompson, and commenting publicly that "I see you're stilling hanging out with your neo-nazi homies, asswipe!"

When Taylor moved to a new home, U.S. Customs reinstalled phone lines and allowed him to continue to work from his home, unsupervised, as a "telecommunications technician" which the Plaintiffs claim is nothing but a cover up story and phony job title and that Taylor's real job is and was to disrupt communications and publicly and falsely discredit anyone critical of the government. The plaintiffs allege that this is government approved and sponsored terrorism, directed at American citizens engaged in lawful activity. The plaintiffs seek unspecified damages and punitive damages.

Cause #IP96-1800C

U.S. District Court
Southern District of Indiana
Indianapolis Division

Copies of 441 of Taylor's messages are filed with the complaint, along with a letter from William F. Riley, U.S. Customs, denying liability.

Also included with the complaint is an appendix listing the laws on criminal prosecution, including 42 U.S.C. 1987 and 42 U.S.C. 1989, which states that U.S. Magistrates are REQUIRED to criminally prosecute persons who conspire to violate the rights of citizens (and to call up THE MILITIA to aid them in the arrest, if needed. No kidding. It says that right in the law, folks).


Inquiries are welcome from the media and any person who has been subjected to unlawful surveillance, efforts to entrap them in illegal activity, threatened, or harassed by government agents for their speech or political activities related to religion, guns, the militia, or exposing government corruption.

Direct inquiries to:

lindat@iquest.net (Linda Thompson)


Patriot Lawsuit
PO Box 99
Beech Grove, IN 46107


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