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Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 23:29:38 -0600
Subject: FEMA MUST READ!!!

Heard on the radio that FEMA is planning on having an exercise. They want to give the people a short period of time to get some of their personal belongings and report to a designated area but, as they leave their house the must leave their door unlocked.. Never explained why. The meeting was held in NM. Have you heard about this ??? Heard it on the radio yesterday...
Please let me know if anyone else knows anything about this.
Thanks ---Frank

This news is from the Resurrection News & Fax Network (RN&F) Sheila M. Reynolds, Cornville, AZ 86325 Phone (520) 634-9269 FAX 1486 BBS 0431

She writes:

I just received a FAX from some very serious sovereign Americans in New Mexico - - if this does not prove, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that the
Nazi scum bags are here - then you are too brain dead to know the truth. The FAX reads as follows:

FEMA held a public EVACUATION orientation meeting here last night. A summary of that meeting is:

My Comments: (per Sheila Reynolds)
Every warning bell in my head went off. What's to prevent the troops from collecting and searching every house for weapons while everyone is at the safety zone? Nothing! With every house left open, no one can be charged with breaking and entering. And what's to prevent every house to be wired
with listening devices (bugs)? Nothing. Folks might want to ask themselves one question, "What is the only thing in the world that stands in the way of the full implementation of a worldwide socialistic central corporate government (NWO) and eliminating every trace of Sovereignty and Americanism
in existence.


The way I see it, the Branch Davidian Massacre was the Boston Massacre. The search and confiscation of all firearms will be Lexington and Concord.

RN&FN Note: I can say only one thing to the sovereigns of New Mexico and every other freedom loving sovereign throughout America. DO NOT ALLOW this to happen. DO NOT LEAVE your homes. DO NOT ALLOW them to force you to leave your homes. The various Militias of Sovereign America should make this a cause for war. should one Sovereign American be forced to leave his or her home. There is no excuse for this. This is Nazism at its peak. This is what they have been practicing for when all the brain dead sheeple were telling us that we did not know what we were talking about.

I am a Sovereign American.
This is my home. I will not leave it of my own free will.
Try to make me. Leave me alone or prepare for war.
Let the cowards and traitors be damned.

God bless and take care.

Sheila M. Reynolds

P.S. WHY IS A GERMAN AIR BASE REALLY IN NEW MEXICO? Yes New Mexico - the same state where they are holding the FEMA "practice" evacuations.

May 1, 1996, marked an historic event in American history, but who noticed?
Secretary of Defense William Perry took part in a ceremony at New Mexico's Holloman Air Force Base marking the official opening of a German military installation there. The facility is the first permanent military installation established in the United States by a foreign nation.

WAKE UP: The creation of an official German base in New Mexico is another step toward the creation of an internationally controlled military force.

(Excerpts of a FAX from Johnny Johnson - Houston (715) 530-5511 FAX 7600

Dot Bibee
Ph/FAX (904) 453-3656

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This is an update..
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 18:46:16 -0700
To: act@efn.org
From: Liberty or Death <ghostpwr@europa.com>
Subject: RE: Re: GD! FEMA -- MUST READ!!! (fwd)

>715 is Wisconson, and (715) 530-5511 is not a working number.  Maybe they
>meant (713) 530-5511, which is in Alief, Texas, not too far from Houston.
>In any case, before everyone starts to panic about this, did anyone else 
>notice that it smells like utter bullshit?
>Just a thought...

And a good one.

Yeah, and when I forwarded it to a coupla lists I mentioned I hoped it was a 
false alarm.
++==original quote> This is mighty interesting, folks; downright scary would be a better descriptive.
 I hope it's a false alarm. If not, the Schumer is very close to hitting the fan... - Monte 
I don't personally have time to check out everything I forward; I wish I did, 
because I really don't like being a rumor-monger.  I've tentatively decided 
that if something has a good possibility of being true I'll forward it, 
usually with an indication that it may be questionable, IMO.

It's getting weirder out there - we *have* had real-live SWAT/SF attack 
training at night in what, 3 cities now in the last few months?  That we 
know of?  So I'd rather err on the side of too much & possibly false info.  I wish 
it could be otherwise; I just don't know if we can afford otherwise.  
I spoze it could be argued the other way as well.  Sigh...
- Monte
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O-        posted to: act@efn.org 
 CAUTION!!                         Tuesday, June 25, 1996 7:14 PM
I am looking at this one... and am going to try to keep up with it at
It appears as Dot Bisbee is the sender who as stated collected a few things
from different sources wich she states... 
The point is that the excerpt in question below (now above) is not the story
about the FEMA "Drill" 
(late note: it is about the VERIFIED German Air Force Base)
                        Best Regards!!


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