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"No Problem, Other Than Nuclear War, Outweighs This Problem", said
Washington State Senator Jack Metcalf (Public hearing, Senate Joint
Memorial 12, to Repeal the Federal Reserve Act, 62nd Oregon Legislative
Assembly, 1983)


An act of war was perpetrated against United States citizens and their
descendants on 23 December 1913.  On this day of infamy a private banking
cartel affected passage of the Federal Reserve Act, usurped the government,
and assumed control of the American destiny, but, Americans don't have to
take it anymore.

The battle to restore and defend money and property of US citizens has
already begun.  Over twenty-five sovereign States have challenged the
constitutionality of the Federal Reserve Act.  Several State legislatures
have memorialized the President and Congress to repeal it, as they are
authorized to do under Article 30 of the Act.  Some States propose that
their Attorney General file suit to force Federal Reserve Banks to disgorge
illicit interest paid by tax-paying victims of the system.  Reparation to
citizens injured by Federal Reserve policies is under consideration.

Authority, indeed, the requirement for State action to protect the
interests of the people, is contained in the Constitution, the 'Law of the

Concept of 'Principal vs Agent' is central to the struggle.  The State is
the Principal under the Constitution, a contract between sovereign States.
Executive, Legislative, and Judicial departments of the Federal government
are, therefore, agencies of the State.

Thirteen original nation-states created the Federal government by the first
three articles of the Constitution.  Each succeeding State entered the
Union of States on an equal footing with every other State.  Each State is
charged to defend and preserve freedoms of person and property guaranteed
to their people by the Constitution.

Superior to its creature, the State is constitutionally bound to correct,
by action at its highest sovereign capacity, violations of the Constitution
by its Agents, and to provide criminal sanctions for transgressors.

Elected State officials, representing their constituencies and responsible
to them, are required to take whatever action is necessary to enforce
provisions of the Constitution within the borders of the State.

The people, from whom flow all political powers, are responsible for
instructing their representatives to confine the functions of government to
limitations defined in Articles of the Constitution of the United States.

Correctly claiming that the Federal Reserve Act violates Article 1, section
8 of the Constitution, which authorizes only Congress to 'borrow money on
the credit of the United States - and to coin money and regulate the value
thereof', irate Oregon citizens requested public hearings on the Fed.
Control of the American economy, and dominion over their lives and fortunes
should be restored to the people where it rightfully belongs, they charge.

Congress had no sanction from the people to transfer these vast powers to a
consortium of international bankers.  The people, therefore, call upon
their State government to release them from the Federal Reserve System
which enriches its class 'A' stockholders and pauperizes the American

Oregon Senate Joint Memorial #12 urging Congress to repeal the Federal
Reserve Act, initiated by Jane  Button, Treasurer, Columbia County Chapter,
Committee to Restore the Constitution, is an example of the burgeoning
national campaign.

Spilling into hallways, an overflow crowd observed members of the Oregon
Senate Committee on Commerce, Banking and Public Finance, Senator Joyce
Cohen, Chairman, give attentive consideration to testimony supporting SJM
#12.  Twenty individuals requested time to speak on the measure, including
Archibald Roberts, Director, Committee to Restore the Constitution,
Colorado, and Senator Jack Metcalf, Washington State Legislature.

* Extract, THE MOST SECRET SCIENCE (1984) by Archibald E. Roberts
  200 pages  (8 1/2 X 11)  Library of Congress Card #84-80100:  $12.00

Action documents for serious patriots will inspire participation of local
leaders and state lawmakers in county/state campaign to repeal Federal
Reserve Act of 23 December 1913 (H.R. 7837):

      Mobilize local leaders, promote county government compliance with
citizen demand for state legislative action to halt economic control over
county residents by agents of Federal Reserve System

      Validate citizen call for state legislation memorializing Congress to
repeal Federal Reserve Act (county ordinance to accompany enabling state
memorial forwarded to state government leadership)

      Instruct each member of state delegation in Congress to intervene and
support repeal of Federal Reserve Act, as Congress is authorized to do
under provisions of Section 30, Federal Reserve Act.

Make a place for you and your descendants in tomorrow's America.
Send self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope (ask for 'operation to repeal
Federal Reserve Act').
Package includes recommended procedures to accomplish mission.

Archibald E Roberts, LtCol,, AUS, ret, Director
Committee to Restore the Constitution, Inc
Post Ofice Box 986   Fort Collins   CO    80522

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