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An *excellent* response to the Morris Dees book, folks.

Pass it on :)!


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Subject: The Lies about the Militia From: jdulaney@nntp1.best.com (John Dulaney) Date: Tue, 16 Apr 96 16:48:03 GMT

In the Sunday edition of USA WEEKEND in our local paper the cover article was on the Morris Dees book GATHERING STORM.

I refer you to the cover words "MILITIAS ..... renews debate over the militia threat" the headline inside reading STILL 'A RECIPE FOR DISASTER' and the barefaced lies contained in the article.

To my knowledge there exists no threat from any militia and yet the Communist One-World Government controlled media spreads this further propaganda to the American public as though it were true.

In the article there is no mention of any militia ever having attacked anything or anyone and yet one line reads: "Predicting when and where militia terrorists will strike next is harder than guessing when and where the next whirlwind of dust will come from".

The NEXT strike by the militia?
They quote no known existing strike so far and yet infer there have been.

Well, to the authors of this article, Morris Dees and James Corcoran and the editors behind them and their puppet masters I say:

1) To all those who perceive the militia as a threat we must assume the threat is to themselves and if spreading lies and attempting to end our Constitutionally protected militias is your aim, which it obviously is, then you make yourselves a target.

2) As all citizens should be aware of militias are not only allowed by our constitution but are formally ordered to exist by it.

The reason for this is to precisely guard against the tyranny of a government turned bad. And a controlled press will always be a necessary part of a tyrannical government.

3) When there is conspiracy and collusion between international bankers, multinational corporations, mass media, both parties in government, public education, the entertainment industry and more to pervert and destroy our system of government, our religious beliefs, our culture, our morals, reduce our children to brainwashed idiots willing to accept the evil yoke of Communism as eagerly as an ice cream cone, to reduce to rubble our economy, to export millions of jobs and so forth we know we have serious problems with the government.


a) When our President and/or wife are known to have joined a Communist organization (e-mail for documentation)
b) to have been involved with countless criminal acts spread across decades
c) to have protested against their own country in a foreign land while being a draft dodger
d) for him to have flown to Russia various times during the Cold War while Russia supplied our enemy with support
e) for her to have attempted the conversion of 1/7th of our GNP to a Socialist system of health care in secret meetings which broke our backs in cost and were illegal in nature
f) for mysterious deaths of the highest ranking members of his government to be misreported, uninvestigated, covered-up, lied about.... etc.
g) for both of them to be linked to an endless list of immoral and unethical activities
h) for virtually or possibly all of his cabinet and most of or the entire Democratic party in the U.S.A to now be or have been affiliated with the Communist Party, it's front organizations or to have aggressively aided Communists working against the interests of our nation (and recent Soviet documents showing that the McCarthy era wasn't only right on target but just scratched the surface of Communist infiltration in our society and government - [so what of today, some 40 years later with NO McCarthy blowing the whistle?]) -

where top Democrats have hidden their Communist ties their entire careers with the careful aid of the media and today statewide FAXing and E-mail brings the truth to the voters that they have voted in a Manchurian Candidate - hundreds, thousands of them elected in every office of the land, their true affiliations and loyalties hidden, covered-up, lied about knowing full well no American electorate would ever vote a Communist into any office
i) possible massive vote fraud now coming to light
j) when our government is host and protector to Communist terrorists, such as IRA leaders, Haiti's thugs, N. Koreans, Iranians, Libyans etc.....
k) when our nation openly allows the sale of nuclear weapons grade materials to be sold to terrorist countries
l) with the mysterious exit in Washington by dozens of politicians of both parties often at the peak of their careers and all for the same "reason" (to spend more time with their families!) but rumored to have been caught with millions in Swiss bank accounts and forced out by threat of exposure
m) with dozens of living witnesses and cases of documentation linking our Pres. and 1st Lady to murders, drug dealing, sexual harassment, decades of felonies ranging from bank fraud, false testimony, illegal commodity trading profits
n) scores of Democrats in Congress and Arkansas either under investigation, arrested, on trial, in prison or on parole but so very many pals, associates, acquaintances, indirectly connected strangers etc. DEAD and BURIED o) video proof of Clinton and associates using cocaine
p) when judges pervert and destroy our Constitution
q) when our military leaders are known leftists, Communist sympathizers or even Russian born(!) and more experienced patriotic leaders are retired early to make way for the new One World Marxist leaders
r) when American soliders are ordered to don the uniform of a foreign and Communist organization, to take orders from Communists and potentially ordered to fight against his own country, to kill his fellow citizens
s) when the Chief of NATO (an org. created to defend against Communist aggression) is a well known Communist himself
t) when the Republican and members of government vote for and abet the very things they claimed to be against u) when US elections are manipulated by wild-card false conservatives like Ross Perot (who, while ranting against the "hated" Clintons was actually a secret member of Hillary's secret Socialist Health Care plot!) to insure a Communist as our president
v) when millions of dollars are regularly given ONLY to split the Republican ticket to insure a Democratic winner
w) when hidden forces that would conquer our sovereign nation and turn it into another Communist third-world dictatorship be so desperate that they order our leaders to try and pass every conceivable and inconceivable law against our right to own guns, to own bullets, to own guns that might kill humans (the only type of guns any Constitutionally mandated militia needs are guns specifically made to kill the oppressors of our nation! (the leftists say if we must have guns they must shoot popcorn only) to ban gun shows etc. and do this in the clear face of statistical evidence showing that crime goes DOWN in areas with few or no anti-gun laws (Florida for example) and UP in areas with the highest controls (Washington, D.C. for example) BUT crime has NOTHING to do with our guns. Our guns must be removed so we can not defend ourselves against the coming One-World Communist takeover
x) when our leaders do everything they can NOT to protect our borders and the media tries and lynch police officers doing their job, and when the Mexican Government offers lessons to U.S. citizens in human rights education
y) when our freedom of speech is attacked virtually daily and it becomes a misdemeanor or felony to think or speak of your personal feelings towards a person or group
z) when leftist, murdering bombers are pronounced "innocent until proven guilty" by the media and their political affiliations are covered up but any and all crimes potentially against leftist causes, people or groups are denounced done by extremist conservatives, right-wing violent Christian fundamentalists, republicans or family-value citizens
aa) when living baby's brains are sucked out of their skulls by law
bb) when lesbians, homosexuals, pederasts and Communists are held up as role models for 5th graders
cc) when the media has so twisted our minds that people scoff at and laugh at any "absurd" Communist threat as the "boogy man" and when the words "patriot" and "Constitutionalist" are roiled and smeared, demonized as evil and anti-government

dd) when tearful leftists beg for the further removal of more and more of our rights in a bid to have unconstitutional anti-terrorist acts made law - laws aimed ONLY towards the disarming of our last lines of defense against totalitarianism - the militia and our own fathers and sons
ee) When highly educated and intelligent people fabricate newer and newer "problems" to which the only remedy is the further removals of more and more of our powers to be and remain a free nation; when our valiant leaders work until all hours of the night and day to come up with the most patently absurd laws that fly in the face of the most obvious common sense all in a further effort to announce that our Constitution is a worn out rag of no value in contemporary society and that our freedoms are being abused and so must go as well

and on and on......

and on and on........

and on and on.......


Not only THAT!
We know we have a problem of such staggering and complex proportions that there is no clear way out.

When even "conservative" talk-show hosts suddenly turn against their own professed "beliefs", their own professed best hopes for true change, and when the newest conservative members of Congress suddenly forget, as if alien controlled, why they were sent there...


When the American public is bombarded daily with lies, the blackest propaganda against the very agencies of their own freedom, by the controlled media we KNOW we have PROBLEMS!

And when articles such as Morris Dees claim that militias are a threat and that they are a "recipe for disaster" but can not show even a single militia attack to back this claim we know we have problems.

5) Now more than ever before in our nation's history we need our last line of defense against this conspiracy, the militia.

It is FRIGHTENING to imagine that the common citizen has no recourse today other than what George Washington had 200 years ago, the hunter-patriot militia men and women.

6) IMHO our problems are well documented in CARROLL QUIGLEY'S book THE TRAGEDY AND THE HOPE (still available for purchase, not by me).

7) Write me for a review and purchase info. of this most important work which reveals the true nature of our problems:

Communist One-Worlder International Bankers who's fronts include the CFR, the TRILATERAL COMMISSION and the Bilderbergers.

Their names are infamous: Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Rothschild etc.

Their goal: end competition, control the world's population by standard Prussian education-brainwashing, creat a dynasty for themselves heretofore unimagined.

Their plotting is more than 100 years old.


No discussion of any type with the enemies of our nation unless we address them as what they are: Communists.

No discussion unless we address the true problem: The bankers and their conspiracy to destroy our country and ourselves.

Massive tax rebellion. Remove your children from public schools. Write, call, fax, march to see in person those you believe may take up the banner that our leaders have dropped and to those who have failed as patriots, as friends, as fellow Americans.

John Dulaney - father and husband.


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