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I recieved this from Peter Kawaja who is associated with the common law court in North carolina, Mr. Kawaja was interviewed on the Jeff Baker show, and asked me to post this wherever is appropriate. Al Fuller



May 28, 1996 Authorized release / by : Peter Kawaja

A group of court officers from North Carolina (one Supreme Court, Common Law Venue) is enroute to Montana. Their purpose was discussed with the FBI on three occasions and some agreement (seems) to have been reached. It remains to be seen if they will really be allowed onto the ranch. The FBI spokesperson indicated they would not be stopped.

This message is directed to the FBI at the request of the group leader. I am simply their mouthpiece for the moment. This is the message.

>The group will not be speaking with any media on the way IN. If they are allowed to proceed to the ranch, all items discussed will be met. However, if they are not allowed to enter the ranch, there will be plenty of media conferences on the way OUT, and thereafter release of certain information.

Several persons have reviewed the group and their transportation. No one is armed. There are no guns or weapons On or With any Conveyance. If there is a media reported "shoot-out" or similiar confrontation suddenly released, let it be known, it was an attack and murder of of unarmed innocent persons. There can be no such action (shoot-out), simply because there are no weapons of any kind with the group. The group is concerned for their safety and for the FBI to act honorably.

If communications is not received from the group within a designated time, it will mean they have been ambushed and executed enroute. The FBI is aware of their travel arrangements. [ end FBI message ]

It seems to have become a realization to everyone, to include the FBI, that if a peaceful resolution is not reached, this can develop into a pivotal point in the history of America. I am hearing because of the potential for unimagined bloodshed if there is not a peaceful resolution but an armed murderous assault on the ranch which would solidify all Militias nationwide, that the FBI / Government does not wish to see happen, there is a window of opportunity here to save lives, and that is the real bottom line. It is my prayer that this is really the case, and not what some fear is the exact opposite, just as what some say is inevitable at the upcoming Olympic games in Atlanta.

If a certain element is seeking an opportunity to accomplish what the Murrah Building Bombing did NOT, then the group from North Carolina will not be allowed to accomplish their task of peaceful resolution, and God help those men, women, and children inside the ranch at Brusett, Montana. That be the case, God help us all.

In conclusion, I am hearing all kinds of stories, to include that someone may be negotiating with the media using my name, to sell information and an interview to the media. Please be advised, that no one represents Peter Kawaja, and likewise, Peter Kawaja has no authority to contract with the media on behalf of those at the ranch. Additionally, nothing is for sale. However, there will soon come a time when the media will be given yet another opportunity to be impartial and air "the other side of the story" (put up or shut up), and that will be made known by the appropriate person with authority to do so, even though the contact may be through me.


Habib Peter., Kawaja / American national

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