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Calendar of Feasts and SetApart days
to IaHUeH


  8th of the  Ninth ChoDeSh Cycle  

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 Day-Seven the 15th The Ninth ChoDeSh Cycle at Sunrise 12/11/17

 *12/12/17 West of DateLine -East of Mount TsION (OZ, NZ, Asia, and Philippines)

The Phases are an Accurate Representation of the Moon from Vicinity Mount TsION at around 6:00 AM



RoSh ChoDeSh is First Light at TOP Centre... then far right.. far left alternate...
coming in to centre.. each Set of Branches are the other work weeks ..
ShaBaTOT go down the Centre... then the 30th is at the Base...
it is a Perfect Representation of the ChoDeSh Cycle.

As can be seen the First Six Days of Work Appropriately Ride the Tips of the Horns of the Branches touching all "Work weeks".. as ROSh ChoDeSh is at the Head of the Central ShaBaTOT Shaft..

Exo 25:31 �And you shall make a lampstand of clean gold � the lampstand is made of beaten work. Its base and its shaft, its cups, its ornamental knobs and blossoms are from it,
Exo 25:32 and six branches shall come out of its sides: three branches of the lampstand out of one side, and three branches of the lampstand out of the other side;
Exo 25:33 three cups made like almond flowers on one branch, with ornamental knob and blossom, and three cups made like almond flowers on the other branch, with ornamental knob and blossom � so for the six branches coming out of the lampstand.
Exo 25:34 �And on the lampstand itself are four cups made like almond flowers, with ornamental knob and blossom,
Exo 25:35 and a knob under the first two branches of the same, and a knob under the second two branches of the same, and a knob under the third two branches of the same, according to the six branches coming out of the lampstand.
Exo 25:36 �Their knobs and their branches are of the same � all of it one beaten work of clean gold.
Exo 25:37 �And you shall make seven lamps for it, and they shall mount its lamps so that they give light in front of it.





Six Times Three Equals Eighteen.. Plus Four Equals Twenty-Two.. Plus Seven Equals Twenty-Nine

Just as there is a Correct Time (and Place) to Begin a Day.. There is a CORRECT Time to Begin a Month..
it can be Only One Day of the 29.53 Twenty-Four Hour Period Lunation.. it is the Day IN Which ChoDeSh Occurs.. 
ChoDeSh is the RENEWED Signal.. Even This-Day the Return (of the Signal).

This is the Day That Begins after the Day of NO-Moon.. the Day of NO-Moon is The End of the Cycle.. the Day Before NO-Moon is OLD-Moon.. usually on the Morning of the 28th can be Seen the Final Crescent.. if it is Higher than about 11 degrees at Sunrise the Next Day will be OLD-Moon Day and there will be a 30 Day Cycle.
these Days are not always as Apparent as we would Like.. and Only IN Day the ChoDeSh is Mentioned in TORaH..
but these are there...

======> OLD-Moon DAY | NO-Moon DAY | NEW-Moon DAY <======

A ChoDeSh Cycle Will Not End Before the Day of Conjunction.. so therefore will not Begin on that Day..

This is REALITY.. and is Supported by TORaH and the ORDINANCE of Sun and Moon.

Gen 1:3-5 Tells us What a DAY is. Begins When it is LIGHT.. Leaves EReB (Dusk).. Returns BoQeR (Dawn)
and a New Day Begins..

Gen 1:14 Tells us Day and Night are Divided from each other..
and that From the Lights (TWO) are for OTOT and for MO'EDIM and for IOMIM and ShaNIM. (Calendation)

Exodus 20:8-11 (Fourth Commandment Tells us about the Week and the Relationship
between the Day Called 'AT-IOM HaShaBaT and the Seventh Day when we ShaBaT to IaHUeH.

The FOURTH Commandment is Very Specific. שמות(Exodus)20:8

��ח ��
זכור � אתיום � השבת � לקדשו
��ט ��
ששת � ימים � תעבד � ועשית � כלמלאכתך
��י ��
ויום � השביעי � שבת � ליהוה � אלהיך � לאתעשה � כלמלאכה � אתה � ובנךובתך � עבדך � ואמתך � ובהמתך � וגרך � אשר � בשעריך
��יא ��
כי � ששתימים � עשה � יהוה � אתהשמים � ואתהארץ � אתהים � ואתכלאשרבם � וינח � ביום � השביעי � עלכן � ברך � יהוה � אתיום � השבת � ויקדשהו

REMEMBER Even This-DAY The RESTORATION To Set it Apart His!

Six Days you will Labour and Order All of your Work.

And Day the Seventh, ShaBaT to IaHUeH ELoHIKa.. NO Shall you Order All of your Work.. You and your Son and your Daughter.. your Man Servant and your Maidservant and your Cattle and your Stranger that is in your gates..

Because Six Days Ordered IaHUeH Even The Heavens and Even the Earth..
Even the Sea and Even All that in Them is.. and Rested in Day the SEVENTH.
Basing upon This (על־כן Upon Setting-upright, For this Purpose)
Blessed IaHUeH Even This-DAY The RESTORATION and He Set it Apart His!

LEV 23 Goes on to LIST these IOMIM and MO'EDIM as Six Days for Work Seventh Day ShaBaT to IaHUeH..
-a WEEK.. there are Four Weeks in a Cycle for 28 Days..��Then are Listed the Special MO'EDIM ..
Seven of them Which All Receive Special Displays of the Perfected Phases of the Moon.� �

The ORDINANCE of the Sun and Moon AGREE..

there are 28 Days Every Cycle that Receive a Signal (the Day Before) the 30th is a NO-MOON DAY
but even it sometimes receives one from the Morning of the 29th.. Never the 1st.

Did I mention That this is Indeed the Perfect Representation of the ChoDeSh Cycle?
3 Almond Flowers on Each of 6 Branches.. 4 on the Lampstand itself.. and the 7 Lamps... ooops! more math.. 3X6+4+7=29 (I like my calculator)

Sometimes there is 1 more Day for 30 Total.. we do not know quite what to do with that day so we Lay it at the Base.. TORaH is Silent Concerning what to do on this Day.

The central lamp Represents ROSh ChoDeSh and when RUaCh ELoHIM Came to Hover over the Face of the Waters Before the Week of Setting to ORDER.. the Stand itself has the Four ShaBaTOT Represented as the Knobs and almond flowers.. as do the six Work Days Connect with the Four Work Weeks Via the Support Shaft.. I am AMAZED!


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