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Chapter Thirteen

NOW before the feast of the Passover, knowing this IaHUShUA',that come was this His hour, in order that He should depart out of this world, forward to the Father, having loved these His own, these in the world, He loved them to the limit.
2 And supper being, (the adversary (false accuser) now having put into the heart of Iahudah (Shimeon's) Iscariot, to deliver Him over to the authorities);
3 Knowing that all things had given the Father, into His hands, and that from IaHUeH He was come, but to the advantage of this IaHUeH lead Himself under (went);
4 He rose from this supper, and set aside the garments; and taking a linen cloth, girded Himself.
5 After that He poured water into the basin, and began to wash the disciples' feet, and wiping them with the cloth that He was wrapped in.
6 He comes then to Shimeon Kepha: who says to Him, You my Master, do wash these feet?
7 Answered IaHUShUA' and said to him, What I do you don't discern, just now; you will learn to know, but after these things.
8 Says to Him, Kepha, no not You should wash my feet, into this forever. Answered IaHUShUA' him, If I wash you not, you shall have no part with Me.
9 Said to Him Shimeon Kepha, ADONI, not my feet only, but also these hands and this head.
10 IaHUShUA' said to him, The one that is washed does not hold requirement, except the feet to wash, otherwise that one is clean altogether: and you are clean, but by no means all.
11 (For He knew who would turn Him in; through this He said, by no means are you all clean.)
12 When then, He had washed these feet of theirs, and had taken His garments, and was set down again, He said to them, Do you understand what I have done to you?
13 You call Me Instructor and Master: and rightly you say; for I am.
14 If I then have washed your feet, the Master and Instructor; you also are obligated, one another's feet to wash.
15 For I have given you an example, just as I have done to you, even so you should do.
16 Verily, verily, I say unto you, The servant is not greater than their master; neither the one that is sent greater than He that sent them.
17 If these things you discern, blessed are you if you do them.
18 Not about all of you do I speak: I percieve a certain one I have chosen: but in order that the Scripture may be fulfilled, "One that eats My bread, has lifted up against Me the heel ". (Psalm 41:9)
19 Away from just now, I tell to you, before it come; so that you may be convinced, when it is come to be, that I exist.
20 Verily, verily, I say unto you; The one that receives whosoever I send, Me receives; moreover the one receiving Me receives Him that sent Me.
21 These things having said, this IaHUShUA' was troubled in spirit, and testified saying, Verily, verily, I say unto you, that one out of you shall turn Me in.
22 Looked one on another the disciples, perplexed concerning who He spoke of.
23 There was reclining one of His disciples in IaHUShUA's bosom, whom IaHUShUA' loved.
24 Shimeon Kepha therefore beckoned to this one, to inquire who it might be of whom He spoke.
25 He then lying in this manner upon IaHUShUA's breast said to Him, ADONI, who is it?
26 IaHUShUA' answered, He it is, to whom I when I have dipped a morsel shall give it. And when He had dipped therefore the morsel, He took it and gave it to Iahudah son of Shimeon Iscariot.
27 And after the sop at that time entered into him Shatan. Then said IaHUShUA' unto him, What you do, do more swiftly.
28 This thing moreover, no one knew at the table, toward what end He spoke this to him.
29 For some thought, since Iahudah had the purse, that IaHUShUA' had said to him, Buy what necessity holds for the feast; or to the poor that some he should give.
30 then having received the sop he went out straight way: and it was night.
31 When therefore he was gone out, IaHUShUA' said,
[Chapters 15 and 16 are restored to their original position in the middle of verse 31]

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