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I am Very Thankful and Pleased to be able to Announce the VIRTUAL TaNaK SCROLL in Ancient Hebrew Pictograph and Paleo Fonts!!

You May Need to download the Ancient Hebrew Font and install it on your system first .. if the WEFT Font Embedding doesn't work..

It is of course a simple font replacement. we have not dug up any new old scrolls.. but it Does Bring the WORD to LIFE.. you can SEE what it Means.. it is total Hebrew Names and Numbers, one long scroll top to bottom so you get to learn to count and everything searchable of course with Ctrl>f and the modern Hebrew text (Works Great!)..

What an Excellent Gift! it is a large file at 2279KB.. I may have to make it into separate Scrolls for easier manageability.. -iii

I have a few touch ups to do in the Formatting.. mainly because the "-" was not in the text we have a few word run ins .. otherwise all words are separated by the Dots.. eventually I may add some english but think it better as is.. you can use your other Scripture to find your place.. in Hebrew the names of the Books are: 

1. (בראשית / Bereshit) - Genesis
2. (שמות / Shemot) - Exodus
3. (ויקרא / Vayikra) - Leviticus
4. (במדבר / Bəmidbar) - Numbers
5. (דברים / Devarim) - Deuteronomy

6. (יהושע / Y'hoshua) - Joshua
7. (שופטים / Shophtim) - Judges
8. (שמואל / Sh'muel) - Samuel (I & II)
9. (מלכים / M'lakhim) - Kings (I & II)
10. (ישעיה / Y'shayahu) - Isaiah
11. (ירמיה / Yir'mi'yahu) - Jeremiah
12. (יחזקאל / Y'khezqel) - Ezekiel

13. The Twelve Prophets (תרי עשר)
a. (הושע / Hoshea) - Hosea
b. (יואל / Yo'el) - Joel
c. (עמוס / Amos) - Amos
d. (עובדיה / Ovadyah) - Obadiah
e. (יונה / Yonah) - Jonah
f. (מיכה / Mikhah) - Micah
g. (נחום / Nakhum) - Nahum
h. (חבקוק /Havakuk) - Habakkuk
i. (צפניה / Ts'phanyah) - Zephaniah
j. (חגי / Khagai) - Haggai
k. (זכריה / Z'kharyah) - Zechariah
l. (מלאכי / Mal'akhi) - Malachi

The "Sifrei Emet," "Books of Truth

14. (תהלים / Tehillim) - Psalms
15. (משלי / Mishlei) - Proverbs
16. (איוב / Iyov) - Job

The "Five Megillot" or "Five Scrolls"

17. (שיר השירים / Shir Hashirim) -Song of Songs
18. (רות / Rut) - Ruth
19. (איכה / Eikhah) - Lamentations
20. (קהלת / Kohelet) -Ecclesiastes
21. (אסתר / Esther) - Esther

The rest of the "Writings"

22. (דניאל / Dani'el) - Daniel
23. (עזרא ונחמיה / Ezra v'Nechemia) - Ezra-Nehemiah
24. (דברי הימים / Divrei Hayamim) - Chronicles (I & II)


 ספר דברים ספר במדבר  ספר ויקרא ספר שמות ספר בראשית


תורה נביאים וכתובים קדושים



 ספר דברים ספר במדבר  ספר ויקרא ספר שמות ספר בראשית


there is also:

TaNaK in Paleo html version  1578KB

The Story in the Letters: ALePh-BeT


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