Over the years I have received many emails of Thanks and Encouragement and a few Sincere Questions. I also get a lot from folk that got offended by the Truth and so turn back to Attack. They think they need to School me and Ridicule me into Submission to Their Lies.

I think most of these Sincerely MisUnderstand they have been programmed for years to Reject The Truth of IaHUeH's Word found in the very "Bibles" that they Profess to Believe.

They feel that they must Correct me and Convert me to bring me Back to their God.

I am totally open to Correction... But  Only if it is Correct.

There are others however who are Completely Sold over to the adversary and do "his" bidding. Most of what they bring to the table are:

Railings and Rantings!

What Kind of Organization Are You? ANTI-SEMITE!

Sincere Questions
From the KIND Folk

Re: The Testimony of Mark and Luke.