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A Challenge and Definition of JURISDICTION in plain language. IaHUeH is our SOVEREIGN!

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To Be Delivered: 8/23/96

To: Whoever may be concerned
With All Due Respect.

First posted 7/17/96
Re: SUMMONS 29884

City of Eugene
County of Lane
State of Oregon


The Assembly of IaHUShUA MaShIaChaH
(Represented by) DaUID IeShRaEL

We come to you today to Address a matter concerning the LAW. We come voluntarily because we Love to Tell the TRUTH.

We are bound by a COVENANT AGREEMENT to our CREATOR and are under HIS JURISDICTION EXCLUSIVELY! and of His Anointed, our Righteous King. You have No Jurisdiction over us. This is not a right you were granted. IaHUeH is the LAWGIVER and also the GIVER OF RIGHTS.. in that, IF we Love Him and Abide in His COMMANDMENTS.. He will Bless us.

Of this LAW it is written to Not ADD anything to or Take Away From this LAW, but to observe and DO IT all of our days.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND! We are not here doing this to cause you trouble. It is not our FAULT that we are at Variance with your law, we would prefer not to be.

If we were disobedient to the LAW OF our CREATOR.. then we would in fact fall under your Jurisdiction. This is what happened in the recorded History of the Scriptures.. when IaHUeH's People were given into Bondage to Worldly Governments because they refused to Obey the LAW. Except IaHUShUA Came and being Obedient to the COMMANDMENT of IaHUeH who sent Him.. DIED at the hands of a Worldly Government, taking the Punishment we deserved for our PAST Sins.. Setting us FREE.. as long as we Sin NO MORE. That is why it is to your interest to cause Transgression, to keep us in BONDAGE.. which we refuse.

You do this first off by ADDING to the LAW Unrighteous DECREES seemingly designed to make "Criminals" out of everyone. As previously stated IaHUeH is the LAWGIVER.. for man to make laws is an attempt to USURP the SUPREME AUTHORITY! Any law or treaty that is CONTRARY to the CREATORS LAW is NULL AND VOID!! And cannot be Righteously enforced on the Children of the COVENANT.
It is against the First Word of the LAW to put anything or one in the Place of IaHUeH.. for He DELIVERED us FROM Bondage to your Wordly Governments. It is a Transgression of the Second WORD to make anything to bow down to and worship.

We are not Superstitious so your Gold Fringed War Banner and Admiralty Court, mean nothing to us.. Or the secret spells and incantations your Priests (Lawyers) Recite. These things give you NO POWER whatsoever over The CREATOR or His Obedient Children.

We realize that in this part of your Ritual.. it is expected that we enter a PLEA.. Your System has designed it so that we cannot do this.. for it is Written in the Ninth WORD "No false Witness".

You have charged us with MANUFACTURING A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE. You want us to say "guilty" or "not guilty". We did not Create this Blessed Herb! Since what you seem to mean is Cultivating we cannot say "not guilty".. For we were doing as our CREATOR Intended.

This is the PRIMARY LAW of the CREATOR (Chapter One in Genesis)... We were Given every Herb bearing seed.. and were Placed in the Garden to Tend it! and that did not end with expulsion from the Garden.. for then we were told to Till the Ground.. and by the sweat of our brow to get our bread. our Green Herb from amongst brambles.

This Herb that your people Stole from us in their Trespass onto Set-Apart Ground. (7/3/96) Was initially a Volunteer... meaning that it Sprouted up on it's own. We did not even Plant that seed. As far as we know it was planted by the person who Turned us in. A person would have had to look pretty close to spot it. We had showed it to a trusted friend.. who (like the Officers who came) was standing practically on top of it and could not see it until we pointed it out, voluntarily offered five more.. that would have Died if we had not cared for them.

We Love IaHUeH's CREATION and LOVE LIFE... and are THANKFUL for the GIFTS that the CREATOR Gives us! Also being "Nazarites" we SHUN DEATH! So of course we nutured them and cared for them. The Special Purpose of this Particular Herb.. (besides Medicinal, and many others) is as a Sweet Smelling Savor offered by fire to IaHUeH EL-ELION.. You have interfered with our Prayers and our Service to the Most High.. that Special Offering was for HIS Exaltation.

If you were against DRUGS you would not have allowed the Heroin Dealers and Junkies to Ruin our Community, or the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to bring it and the COCAINE into the country... and you would be closing down the Pharmaceutical DRUG MANUFACTURERS.. who are poisoning the People with their petrochemical Poisons and are Lobbying (successfully) against the Natural Use of Healing Herbs.

Your Complaint is not against us.. But you Presume to JUDGE THE CREATOR! Who do you make yourself? You can Never enforce your law AGAINST THE CREATOR! Your arm is not Long enough. Neither can you build a Prison Big enough! It is Puffed Up for you to think that By your Command His CREATION should be Destroyed. You will get a chance to Meet HIM face to face.. I would think that you would rather be on Friendly Terms.

This is really nothing personal.. and we realise that you probably have good intentions... but you have found yourself at the wrong end of the LAW, we will not Worship or Fear you or your Government System. We would rather Obey IaHUeH.. We would rather you MURDER us HERE and NOW.. than to Cause us to displease the ONE we LOVE.. and the short time you are Allowed to Torment us is as nothing compared to the Promise of LIFE EVERLASTING... which we will recieve IF we hold True to what is Given us..

You have Trespassed against us.. and Transgressed the LAW.. and have assumed an adversarial stance towards your CREATOR.. may the Record show that we have WARNED you to REPENT. You would do better to Support our CERTAIN inalienable Rights.
Your Sin (if you hold onto it) is on your own head and not upon us. We Pray for your WellBeing.



and For:


Best Regards!

Whose Righteous Kingdom is EVERLASTING.. and From the BEGINNING. STRAIGHT UP!! (AMeIN)

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Religious Persecution!




The Speech and the Inspiration behind it

The Source of the CONSTITUTION
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Who Gives Us Our RIGHTS?

Who has Rights.. Nowadays?

And the BILL of RIGHTS!!!

The Federalist / =ANTIFederalist= Papers!

REPEAL the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993

PROPOSED: CONSTITUTION of the Habitation of Shalom!


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