"We're From the Government and We're Here to Help"

This article was sent out on the email lists 9/28.. WebToday was the original source..  the above quote (Apparently the Mantra of this Deadly CULT) is the TERRORISTS only Defense..  . the article below contains the same information (but more) as the earlier post..  so I am using it instead..

UPDATE 10-15


WebToday Staff Disagrees and Believes it is an Erroneous Rumor (same article)
Wednesday, October 1, 1997, 2:00 Central Time USA


ROBY, ILLINOIS (Oct. 1, 1997)-- Rumors have been floating that the "Roby Ridge" Siege in Illinois is over. Apparently a popular shortwave news commentator made the claim some time on Tuesday.

Although WebToday dismisses the reports as being unfounded, the incident does raise an interesting question: How would anyone know if the siege did end? With an unconstitutional half mile "no news zone" and an even larger "no citizen zone" perimeter set by authorities, it is virtually impossible to determine what really is happening within that "privileged perimeter."

The Illinois State Police failed to flush out holed up 51-year-old widow Shirley Allen with tear gas grenades on Monday and fired bags of metal balls into her chest on Friday, thus further escalating the tensions at the "Roby Ridge" Illinois government siege.

Miraculously, Mrs. Allen did not drop to the ground as did Vicky Weaver while she was holding her infant daughter at her home in Ruby Ridge, Idaho when a government sniper shot her in the head and killed her.

During a 10:30 a.m. Saturday news conference in Springfield the Illinois State Police Czar Terry Gainer changed his story once again claiming this time that it was Shirley Allen who first fired at police. Puzzled journalists questioned how that could be since all official prior statements from the Illinois State Police attested to the fact that Mrs. Allen had never fired on any of the police orders prior to Friday. In an apparent irrational justification of his assault squad's aggressive behavior, he made several contradictory and disjointed statements including: "We're here to help" and "We are looking out for her best interests" and "It's our hope that she (Shirley Allen) will grow to understand that we . . . are looking out for her..." (All three quotes taken from the September 27 issue of the State Journal-Register, the dominant newspaper of record in Springfield, Illinois.

A growing number of Mental Health observers are now comparing and contrasting the extreme tactics taken by state authorities with the rational and controlled self defense measures taken by the 51-year-old woman authorities believe may be "mentally ill."

Estimates as to the worth of the widow's assets range from a low of $125,000 to a high of over one million dollars. It has been confirmed that there is an active oil well on here property that has been producing oil for over 20 years and currently is pumping several hundred barrels of oil per year. Her home sits on 47 acres of land, and probate court records reveal that she has $120,000 in CD's. Regardless of whether the property is worth $300,000 or a million dollars, one thing that is yet unresolved is the question of who would control the estate if the court order for mental evaluation succeeds in keeping Mrs. Allen separated from her property? Questions also remain as to the intentions of Mrs. Allen's relatives (at least one out of state) who initiated actions leading to the court order for involuntary psychiatric commitment. Although we are not saying that there is any connection between the assets and the asylum, it still is an awkward situation. (WebToday Editor's note: Illinois state law requires a patient to be seen by a doctor within 24 hours of being brought in, but if two doctors concur, they may forcibly keep that person in a mental institution for at least 180 days-- and this is done by a simple court order-- no warrant is necessary.)

The siege began Monday, September 22, 1997 when Christian County Sheriff Deputies attempted to enforce Judge David W. Slater's court order to have widow Shirley Allen involuntarily committed into a hospital for "psychiatric evaluation." The commitment was reportedly initiated by a sister, who lives in Kentucky, and claimed that Mrs. Allen was mentally incompetent.

Under current Illinois laws upheld by Illinois Governor Jim Edgar, who has recently announced his retirement, it is surprisingly simple for virtually any family member, no matter how distant, to commit someone against their will. Once papers are signed, a family member can be extracted from their home and involuntarily committed. One mental health commentator coined the phrase,"Crazy until proven (by the state) otherwise." Is it any wonder that anyone who is about to be 'taken away' might be somewhat less than eager to comply?"

According to numerous news reports including the State Journal-Register, Illinois State Troopers fired six bags at Mrs. Allen from their shotguns, with three bags hitting her in the chest. In describing the assault, the article read, "Normally, that's enough to knock somebody down so police can run up and arrest the person. But Allen's bulky clothing apparently absorbed some of the shock, and she quickly fired her gun in the direction of the shooting troopers." Sadly, now criminal charges may be filed against the widow for firing against police officers.

Terry Gainer told reporters in Springfield that he hoped the woman would hear his message of peace through the media, since he gave her the concession of turning her electricity back on last Wednesday.

Gainer seems to epitomize the mind set of advocates of big (brother) government. He just doesn't get it. He appears clueless as to why Mrs. Allen didn't respond positively to his "I'm from the government and I'm trying to help (commit) you" rhetoric. Furthermore he probably can't compute this "unrepentant" widow's gross lack of appreciation for his generous concession of turning her electricity back on. Perhaps he presumed that this allegedly "mentally ill" woman also had a bad memory. Maybe he had forgotten the fact that it was his police force who cut off her electricity in the first place! May we also remind Mr. Gainer that other police "help" included the lobbing of a tear gas hand grenade into the window of the bewildered widow.

Regarding the gassing of this resilient woman, Christian County Sheriff Dick Mahan made this astounding admission: "Mrs. Allen lessened the effects of the gas by putting petroleum jelly on her face and running water over her head." (WebToday Editor's note: "Not too crazy!")

Meanwhile a rogue element within our government continues their headlong frenzy to fan the flames of the tax-dollar eating furnace by maintaining 12 tactical team members to surround the Allen home 24 hours a day, and reinforcements are retained to keep the watchful eyes of concerned citizens virtually blindfolded.

Even members of the news media have been pushed farther and farther away from the scene. Once allowed to report on the story from up to 450 feet away from the scene, now police have completely banned all news reporters within a half mile of the home, in flagrant violation of foundational First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of the press. Predictably, members of the news media were only all too willing to comply. Now everyone is at the mercy of "government witnesses" to tell us what is happening.

Where are the Lou Grants, Clark Kents and Lois Lanes of our nation? Why are most members of the news media so unwilling to exercise their Constitutional right to cover this story first hand? Why can't concerned citizens video tape Mrs. Allen's home just in case a Rodney King type situation were to occur? Why has the government robbed Mrs. Allen of her rights to a telephone to call the outside world, such as an attorney like Gerry Spense, who represented Randy Weaver and who might consider representing her? Why is this widow's phone rigged so that the only people she can reach are government agents? How is she supposed to call a lawyer? A friend? A counselor? For that matter why is she not allowed to call into a radio talk show? What would officials do if she actually did got on the air and people determined that she was quite coherent?

Staying consistent with the precedents set at Waco and Ruby Ridge, police have just succeeded in "evacuating" the last of the widow's closest neighbors. Mind you, close neighbors say there is nothing insane or dangerous about Mrs. Allen.

There seems to be nothing "crazy" about Shirley Allen's amazing skills at implementing consistent common sense while under what is by most any measure would be considered to be an enormous amount of stress. Can the state police say their own behavior was that of stellar sanity? The State Journal-Register reported: "Friday's use of bean-bag bullets was the most direct action by law enforcement agencies since tear gas was fired into the home Monday by deputies," and went on to say, Christian County Sheriff Mahan agrees stating Mrs. Allen is "not a stupid person."

So what exactly is the compelling reason Illinois authorities have that justifies their obsession to violently disrupt the peaceful existence of a widow who neighbors say is quiet, sane and not troublesome?

Perhaps it is this widow's past crime record. It is our understanding that after exhaustive background probes made into Mrs. Allen's past, authorities were only able to unearth one token offense to which Mrs. Allen was guilty. Court archives indicated that she once ran a stop sign. Perhaps if Mrs. Allen were to put up a no trespassing sign state officials might honor it and stop short of her property line.

If these extreme measures were being implemented in the former Soviet Union rather than in the American rural town of Roby, Illinois, we may have condemned the actions of "The Evil Empire." Had this been the act of Sadam Hussein it probably would have surprised us even less. But in the United States of America, our citizenry seems to be doing the slow boil as a rogue minority within government keeps turning up the heat incrementally until one day we may burst without knowing what hit us. Political spin doctors have fine tuned their craft to the point that millions of citizens are now desensitized to these escalating govermental abuses (Dare we say tyranny?). This fringe yet influential element has succeeded in hypersensitizing the masses, addicting many to sports, O. J., or any other strategic diversion that blinds eyes and deafens ears to the cries for help from the widows and the defenseless. The result? Overwhelmed, worn out citizens capitulate and send the needy to the government for "help."

As governments gets bigger and the world gets madder, we can conclude that with this kind of "help" it's a good thing we don't get all the government we pay for!

Top Cop Gainer seems to have quite a different attitude. As stated publicly he maintains it's clear that "she's (Mrs. Allen) a danger" to either herself or somebody else and, "We intend to stay until we can get her the medical treatment she needs."

With all due respect to Mr. Gainer, it appears he may have forgotten that the "court order" (remarkably a warrant is not necessary) authorized the County Sheriff to bring Mrs. Allen into a hospital for evaluation. It never authorized Mr. Gainer or anyone in his force to issue a medical determination prior to an examination.

As a final note, even if one were to disagree with the treatment of Mrs. Allen, they still might find something wrong with our government leaders shelling out over $100,000 a week ($15,000 admitted to by Terry Gainer) IN TAX PAYER MONEY to fund their outrageous activities. Predictably, law enforcement officials and politicians have already begun the fast shuffle claiming that this $100,000 expense was really zeroed out since the policemen were transferred from other locations, etc. ad naseum.


Some more unresolved questions:

1) Where is the proof that Shirley Allen made crazy babblings to the police? Most people recognize the familiar beeping sounds when calling into the police that indicate you are being recorded. Why haven't the police produced these alleged tapes?

2) Where is the evidence showing Mrs. Allen need psychiatric help?

3) Why can't she have access to the outside world via her own telephone? Where is the constitution does it give police the right to have someone's phone rigged wherein all outgoing calls go to to police negotiators? Why can't she call her lawyer? Or her favorite radio talk show host? Is it because if they allowed her to do a radio interview that we may find out that she's not crazy?

4) What kind of assets does Mrs. Allen really have? What kind of oil reserves are on her large rural land?

5) Since when was it illegal in America to be crazy? Or sick? Or different? Or is it now illegal to oppose any whim of government? Is a half mile perimeter "no news media zone" legal? If a half mile is, why not 50 miles? or 500 miles? or 5000 miles? Where does it all end? Does anyone care about the U. S. Constitution any more?

6) What gives police a right to torture a woman by using loud speakers and/or bull horns every 15 minutes, all through the day and ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT, day after day? What if the poor woman had a heart attack from the stress? Who would be responsible? Is this what "We the People" want from our elected representatives and their appointees? Have they forgotten who they work for and who pays their checks?

7) What would happen if some citizen or news reporter were in due course of exercising his or her constitutionally right of free speech and freedom of the press would dare to cross the police line (unconscionably set at one half mile away from the home) armed only with a video recorder to make a record of the bull horn, tear gas, metal bagged ball, etc. abuse? Would the police shoot to kill? Would they arrest that "intruder"? If so, how much time in prison might be appropriate for that person to serve? Would that man or woman be committed to a psychiatric hospital? Would that be a state hospital or a private hospital? Hey, who's in charge here and what's wrong with this picture???

8) If some tragic "accident" were to befall Shirley Allen, government officials would be the only witnesses. Would we believe them? Should we believe them? Would we and should we believe the news media reports that would be based upon the sole word of very government officials that banned everyone else from the scene of the accident?

How soon we forget history..."Government is not reason. Government is not eloquence. It is force. And, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." ---George Washington


For further information you may contact the following agencies and organizations:

Christian County Sheriff Richard Mahan's office: 217-824-4961

Illinois State Police, District 9, Springfield, Media Spokesman Mark McDonald: 217-786-7109

Office of Mental Health, Dr. Steiner, Associate Director: 217-782-7555

EmergencyNet Fire/Police/EMS Intelligence: 24 Hour News, Information, Analysis and Coverage of Disasters and Major Emergency Events

Official State of Illinois Web Page (Governor Edgar, etc.)

Illinois Human Rights Commission

Christian County Senior Citizens Center: 217-824-4263

State Journal-Register (www.sj-r.com) 217-788-1518 (They have daily updates)

Saint Louis Post-Dispatch (www.stlnet.com) 314-340-8000 (Sept. 26, 1997 article on Roby Ridge)

Chicago Sun-Times (www.chicago-news.com) 312-321-3000 (Sept. 27, 1997 article on Roby Ridge)

St. John's Hospital, Springfield: 217-544-6464 (The hospital officials were attempting to take Mrs. Allen to)

Christian County Clerk: 217-824-4966

WICS TV-20 Springfield (www.wics.com) has covered the story. 217-753-5656

Early film footage of the stand-off may be available from CBS Affiliate WCIA Television in Springfield, Illinois at: 217-782-2216.

Americans for Responsible Media: 847-632-0516

WebToday: 888-932-8632 (http://www.tv-u.com/webtoday.html) 312-321-3000 (Regular updates on Roby Ridge siege)

J.J. Johnson
500 N. Rainbow Blvd.
Suite 300
Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

Pager: 888.779.3347- Status of return calls dependent on priority




"Let Besieged Woman Tell Her Side of the Story!"

Patriots Respond with First Amendment Excercise
Lets just hope it doesn't come down to the Second!

Roby Reports -- Updates from the Field

This is to suggest a course for third-party legal intervention in the Shirley Allen case. It is not "legal advice", but constitutional guidance.

Some citizen on the scene needs to file a criminal complaint in Federal District Court against the Sheriff and County of Christian for violation of 18 USC 242, deprivation of rights under color of law, and 241, conspiracy to deprive civil rights. That criminal complaint should be accompanied by a "Constructive Notice of Intent to Make Citizen's Arrest" on those charges. A copy of the filings, certified by the federal district clerk, then needs to be served in person on the sheriff and the county attorney.

The filing should be videotaped and witnessed. In case the federal clerk tries to refuse the filing, demand that it be filed, and demand that any refusal to file be put in writing. Once the demand is made, as a matter of public record, it is filed whether the clerk accepts it or not, and the action can be carried forward as if filed.

The arrest does not need to be custodial. Presumably the sheriff and county are not likely to flee. But they need to know that there is a constitutional and criminal issue here and that they are not protected from criminal prosecution by that protective order.


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