"To Seek out that which was Lost..."

Subject:                                          Good News! Good News!! The WAR Is OVER!!!

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I keep hearing .. Wars a brewing! people gonna wake up, gettin pissed!..flee the country.. terrorists..unrighteous gubbermint,, its a Spiritual War...
no weapons...teaparty..stop the NWO... stock food and supplies...Who can make war against the beast!!! gotta run gotta hide!!! and on and on and on....
But there is no war!
Done deal finished... no contest!
IaHUShUA' WON!!!! Not only did He break them to pieces; He ground them to powder!
And  Spirit of IaHUeH is Blowing them away even now.
Their minds are reeling "How could this happen?"
We just simply have to Follow IaHUShUA' in Obeying IaHUeH! and Proclaim the Good News!
And do the Best we can to Help our Kindren break free of the rubble...
So they can Follow Him Too.
 Once We Realise What The Instructions In TORaH Mean and How to Apply them.
All that is Left ... IS TO DO!

Please Pray For the ShaLOM of IeRUShaLeM! It must be preserved for the lost sheep of the Scattered Tribes.

Terrorism is EVIL - Counter Terrorism is Oppressive - We Support Neither!!
But Rather Encourage Love.